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    New Nissan Almera Nismo Facelift tuned by NISMO fitted with unique Nismo body kit including skirting, diffusers, spoiler and sport rim for new almera 2015.

    Making its first Global Premiere in Malaysia, it offers a new level of sportiness and an engaging driving experience. Almera Nismo body kit price can be purchased from aftermarket shop at around RM1200 not including paint.


    Nissan Almera Nismo body kit catalogue brochure here consist of spoiler, full skirting front rear side skirt with additional accessories like diffuser, custom bumper,hood, canard, and other aero kit for Nissan Almera Nismo in fiber or PU material.


    Some body kit listed may includes small parts with price range from RM50-200 per car parts:

    Door visor
    Eye lid
    Spot light lamp
    LED Lamp
    Brake light
    Custom front grille
    Universal diffuser
    Custom Hood bonnet
    Air Scoop
    Custom Fender with air holes
    Twin tail pipe exhaust tips in chrome
    Custom plate number cover or holder
    Emblem / logo
    Chrome trim on some part like door handles and garnish

    Bodykit Nissan Almera Nismo available in Fiber/frp @ pu/polyurethane @ abs/original oem material with or without paint.

    The price of body kit Nissan Almera Nismo different with different material. The cheap aerokit will be the fiber bumper, skirting or spoiler. Better get a PU body kit for better quality and better surface for long lasting painting.

    The price shown usually is the bodykit price without installation and new paint (harga siap pasang cat baru). You can ask for ready made bodykit with paint for extra charge around RM100 per part and with installation service around RM100 for full set bodykit Nissan Almera Nismo. Colour available usually same with standard colour like white, silver, grey, red, black, blue etc.

    We are not the seller of this bodykit, anything you can dicuss in the comment section below.

    Which one do you like the most? Share with us :-)

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    1. Adis says:

      Assalamualaikum bang..
      Dikesempatan yg ade ni bang sy nk bertny skitt masalah poblem yg melande nissan altima bluebird sy ni..gini poblemnye bang,nape ye meter speed sy ni ringan ya amat?cepat sgt meter tu cecah 200 tnp segan silu padehal rpm br 2.5..secare otomatis di cut nye kelajuan ..klu ulasan bini mtk tuka plat kete je..lg hampagas.yg iyenye ape mslh poblemnye tu bang?hapeke benda alahnye nk sy gantikn?sekian time kaseh

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