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    How many of us as a car owner really concern of the smeel in our car? We can say most of car owners would like to have a car air freshener or perfume in car whether it is branded like Ambi Pur or Glade etc. But sometimes our car have a very bad smell like the smell of Durians or Smoke from cigarette or outside environment. It is better for us to have an in car ionizer.


    Usually the ionizer is put in the cigarette lighter port to supply power to the ionizer. The price range of ionizer is only RM40 to RM70. You can turn on the ionizer whenever there is a bad smell of smoke and it will act very fast to remove all those particles. You can put it in the cabin or in the boot.
    Here we attach some video on how fast the ionizer remove the smoke particles. It is absolutely amazing.
    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQjjiwbMcZ8 425 344]


    Usually this type of ionizer is 3 in 1 function – ionizer, air purifier and air freshner.
    Very small and easy to use. Just plug in to your vehicle’s cigarrate plug.
    With the ionizer, you can even smoking in your car without opening your window.

    Specification of Car Ionizer

    Refresh air in cars
    Maintenance free
    Use no chemical or agents
    Simply plug into cigarette ligter
    Generates millions of negative lons
    Power: DC 12Vs
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    13 Responses

    1. mr.eims says:

      Can smoke without opening the window? very useful when raining. :p
      gonna get one of those. hohoh..

    2. Diegienismo says:

      good i found this before at shaklee product but this time more smaller. it is only work for smoke? how about dust especially came from our clothes..

    3. Niemans says:

      Unfortunately many consumer are ignorant about the importance of a car ionizer. This device help to generate massive amount of (-) negative ions that helps to remove pollutants such as pollen, dust particles, cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes effectively, reducing the risk to health.

      Research has shown that exposure to negative ions is effective for reducing, as well as enhancing recovery from stress . In addition, negative ions increase alertness and concentration, enabling you to react faster (tidak letih atau tertidur semasa memandu) in today’s dangerous driving conditions.

    4. bob says:

      Dear all !
      can anyone suggest the best n cheapest brand, where to buy , price ?

    5. KDI,
      i just bought an ozonizer/ionizer from mudah.my.
      thanks 2 ur review. i bought a different one but i think it almost the same.

      i bought this one. http://www.mudah.my/Ionic-Ozoniser—O3-for-Vehicles-3582296.htm

      but.. i want to ask you, the ionizer does not have a small fan inside right?
      because watching the video up there, looks like the ionizer sucked the smoke but actually it doesnt,
      the ionizer just ionize the air and make the smoke particles fall onto the floor.

      nway, my review of the ionizer, it works just wonderful i think. i tried to smoke inside my car :p and the smoke does gone within a short time.
      later after that, (actually I sometime take my housemate from work) and to be frank, he does smell not very nice (normal for people with huge body) :p and after using the ionizer, the odour just gone even though with all the windows up. (raining, aircond on)..

      nice product. :)

    6. kdi says:

      wah… so fast u buy that stuff already? hu2.. yup, it doesnt have any moveable parts like fan. It is just an electronic ionizer. Nice review from you about the ionizer. So, proven that it works very well.. =)

    7. diegienismo says:

      As mr.eims said…
      (to be frank, he does smell not very nice (normal for people with huge body) :p and after using the ionizer, the odour just gone even though with all the windows up).

      How about our body perfume, deodorant,hair cream and also ambi pure it is gone also…any one know how it work i mean by chemistry reaction formula..


    8. For a small ionizer like this, yes it does effect some on perfume, deodorant, etc, but its only when the ionizer turned on.

      for example, i asked my friends if they smell the car perfume or not, they said only at first when they enter the vehicle.

      it means that almost all smells will gone when the ionizer is turned on. but when its off or whenever you are out of your car, your perfume scent is still there.

      by chemistery? i dont know how to explain but i guess the ionizer only ionize the air inside your car so that odour / dust particles etc will not floating around and will not go through your nose. ;P

    9. diegienismo says:

      Thz mr eims,

      And top of that…it will be an option when to use…anyway…i will get this for raya..hahaha…green LED where can get??

    10. apisZ says:

      Hakhak kdi nk tye sikit. Post aku y didelete tu melanggar syarat ke? Sorry. Aku bkn nk spam. Tp aku memang jual p0n(part time distributor). Pasal sound proof bonnet ada komen y nk menda 2. Aku ley tlg crikan. Maybe not to advertise here. Jgn ban aku sudah.. Aku ari2 mesti bukak kdi t0k cr info..

    11. kdi says:


      ApisZ, ade bau2 promosi kdi terpaksa delete.. sory eh.. jgn isau.. kitorang x suke ban2 org ni.. =)

    12. apisZ says:

      Kalo cam2 bile bisnes aku da stabil kang ley aku taja iklan kat sini.. Bagus2.. Kdi jgn jd forum lain y sukeati dorg je nk ban.. Tombs up!!

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