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    2018 Proton Persona Sedan is powered by 1597 liter engine 107 horsepower 4 CYL NA. The new Proton Persona car price in Malaysia starts from RM46,350 up to RM59,350 with the monthly installment payment from RM508 to RM650 if you are entitled for 90% car financing from the bank with minimum 10% deposit out of the total price of Proton Persona.




    The fuel consumption of Proton Persona 1597 CC is around 16.4 km/liter. It is really depending on how you drive the car. If you are a “sports car driver” kind of person who loves to sprint, bringing this car from 0-100 km/hour in just 11 seconds and driving at highest speed of 170 km/hour, then don’t expect the best fuel consumption from this vehicle. Proton Persona maintenance cost should be on par with other competitors in the Sedan category.

    Yearly insurance premium charges will be around RM1,391 for the 1st year and the road tax is according to 1597 liter engine capacity. Comfort level and spaciousness of 2018 Proton Persona expressed by it’s own dimension. The width of 1722 mm ensures enough room for your comfort while the weight of 1155 kg matched with it’s size to give better stability, ride and handling on the road surface.

    The full specification variant of Proton Persona year 2018 with price tag of RM59,350 and engine capacity of 1597 liter engine scores 5 star rating for safety. The other variant of 2018 Proton Persona may have different safety features and rating. We have calculated some average figure for you to decide the best financing period and monthly payment for 2018 Proton Persona in Malaysia. If you prefer the 9 years financing with average interest rate of 3.5% per year with 10% deposit for new Proton Persona 4 CYL NA 1597 liter, the monthly payment will be from around RM508 to RM650 per month.


    If you choose shorter period of financing for 2018 Proton Persona for example 7 years, you need to pay RM653 to RM836 per month while 5 years car loan require you to pay RM914 to RM1,171 monthly. The 1597 liter engine is paired to 4S CVT AT / 5S MT gearbox that transfer the 107 horsepower output to 15 inches alloy wheels / sport rim and tyres. If you are searching for a vehicle under the Sedan category, Proton Persona is a car that you should consider and put into your car buying shortlist.

    The 107 HP and 150 NM machine may have some negative review or problems as many other cars that also experiencing some problems apart from wear and tear but this 2018 Proton Persona with the starting price of RM46,350 is not bad at all.

    For those who are already the owner of the 1597 4 CYL NA Proton Persona you may discuss and share your experience regarding the good or bad point, maintenance cost, fuel consumption and any other important point that you want to highlight about this Proton Persona 2018. Here are the summary of 2018 Proton Persona specification and price in Malaysia.

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    2 Responses

    1. WC says:

      With my understanding a CVT technology is itself gearless shift, meaning Continuous Variable Transmission. It’s as good as a traditional AT.

      So the question is why a CVT has a MT stick? I’m confused.

    2. Kdi says:

      The cvt is auto transmission. This car model also has MT manual transmission version.

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