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    Petunjuk terbaru dari syarikat Mitsubishi memberi pertanda apa yang ramai pakar ramal akan menjadi kejutan dengan pendedahan konsep sedan Galant pada 2013 Tokyo Auto Show bermula 22 November tahun ini. 2015 Galant dijangka mengubah beberapa sudut paling ketara daripada 2008 Mitsubishi Konsep ZT.

    Berikut adalah Galant specification di http://kereta.info :

    PRICE – Harga pasaran luar Galant : RM 82,999
    Engine specification : 3.0 liter V6 MIVEC engine
    Horse power hp = 166 @ 6000 rpm (Est.)
    Torque NM = 162 @ 4200 rpm (Est.)
    0-100 KMH = 9.6 sec. (Est.)
    Top speed KMH = 196
    FC Fuel consumption (Cty,Hwy)= 26,31
    Dimension length width height mm = 4950mm x 1821mm x 1440mm

    Galant additional features / review / news :


    The concept’s aluminum space frame chassis is dropped for production in favor of a high-strength steel design that brings more cabin room and a bench seat for three in back, versus two for the tech-laced ZT’s rear bucket seats. The shield grille design will carry over to production to help give the Mitsubishi sedan some of the planted stance from its Lancer Evolution sibling. The production Galant is expected to keep the chrome-trimmed, full-frame trapezoidal grille of the Evo but make it wider and a bit more flowing to match the bumper and fender graphics. A painted middle bumper breaks up the shape, while concave gloss black grille bars create a cohesive and upmarket image.


    A single shoulder crease will wrap the styling of the body sides and slow directly into the lamp and bumpers as on the latest Outlander’s exterior. Proportions of the production Galant will take a step toward mainstream versus the concept, with a less-raked rear glasshouse as well as more feasible side mirrors and wheels.


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