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  • 2014 LEXUS IS

    2014 Lexus IS driving performance is a key selling point in the sport sedan segment. In conjunction with a bold new design including the Lexus spindle grille, the all-new Lexus IS has been painstakingly engineered to have excellent dynamic capabilities to provide an exceptional driving experience.

    The headlights, single-lens jobs that are cleaner in design, jut out from the line of the car instead of being contained within it. The side sills are more sculpted and get thicker as they move rearward, then twist to form a character line that runs up the front of the rear wheel arch.

    The Lexus IS features the eight-speed, Sport Direct Shift (SPDS) automatic transmission from the IS F high performance sedan with quicker shifts, full torque converter lockup and throttle blips in manual mode. The new IS is the first Lexus model to adopt G force Artificial Intelligence (G-AI) control in Sport mode. This system automatically selects the optimal gear and downshift pattern in response to G force, and maintains the selected gear through a corner.

    The steering wheel is the same diameter but thicker. The buttons on the left spoke are for Mode, Phone and voice commands, on the right are the selector arrows and, below that, a single switch for the back button and to move the F Meter. The paddles behind the wheel are also reshaped, narrower at the top.

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