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    Masih terdapat beberapa peningkatan yang ketara kepada Pakej Eksklusif Jepun iaitu 15RX dan itulah apa yang Nissan beri kepada 15RX dengan warna Red Passion dan Veile Night. Sangat jarang anda lihat kedua-dua warna pada kereta ini, terutamanya yang kedua dan ia seperti warna sebiji terung yang mendapat gred tertinggi daripada Nissan. Jalur sport juga sentuhan yang bagus, terutamanya pada crossover yang memancarkan latarbelakang yang lebih menawan.

    Berikut adalah Juke 15RX specification di http://kereta.info :

    PRICE – Harga pasaran luar Juke 15RX : RM 66,224.03
    Engine specification : 1.6-liter turbocharged
    Horse power @ RPM = 197
    Torque NM @ RPM = 209
    0-100 KMH =7.8 seconds
    Top speed KMH = 209
    FC Fuel consumption km/l = –
    Dimension length width height mm =

    Juke 15RX additional features / review / news :


    Inside, there is not a lot to go by except for what looks like a two tone upholstery that can be had in either a black and red combo or a black and grey variety. Other than that, the 15RX Personalized Package is a massive disappointment relative to what was teased with the involvement of the Storm Troopers. Coming off the heels of the ridiculously cool Dark Knight Rises Juke, this program just fell flat of our expectations.

    The new communication campaign featuring Stormtroopers is designed to highlight the new charms of JUKE and arouse consumer interest through a web promotion blitz, which includes a special website, a web movie and Twitter. The multifaceted, comprehensive campaign also involves a TV commercial, cinema advertising (movie theater commercials) and storefront posters at Nissan dealers. In the TV commercial, Stormtroopers meet JUKE, which influences them and renders them into JUKE color. Timed with the announcement of the partial Juke remodeling, Nissan also introduced a customized model, “15RX Personalized Package,” to offer motorists the joy and excitement of customizing a vehicle.


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