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    2012 TOYOTA VITZ

    The third generation Yaris supermini of Toyota, was unveiled Wednesday in Japan. What you see pictured here is the Japanese domestic market (JDM) version, as was the case with the previous generations of the Vitz,  expected  the European and North American Yaris to look more or less the same when it arrives in the market late next year.

    The Japanese carmaker says numerous weight saving measures has shaved off 30kg or 66 pounds, with the car tipping the scales at 1,000kg or 2,204 pounds (depending on the Yaris’ model). 2012 Toyota Vitz has 100mm in length and now measures 3,885mm long, but is 30mm lower while keeping the same width as its predecessor.

    In Japan its called Vitz, it will be offered with three petrol engines with a displacement of 1.0-liters (69HP), 1.3-liters (95HP) and 1.5-liters (110HP), the latter powering the sportier RS model. The 1.3-liter unit can be combined with four-wheel drive as well as with a start-stop system, in which case, fuel consumption drops to 3.8lt/100km or 62.3 mpg US. The European range will also include a diesel mode.

    Toyota claiming the exterior design of the new Yaris is more sculptured and edgier, borrowing numerous styling cues from the Prius S. Has a coefficient drag value of 0.285. The Vitz will also be offered with a variety of styling kits and alloy wheel designs, all developed in-house by Toyota.

    The subcompact model’s interior has been redesigned from the ground up and is said to feature higher quality materials and more personalization options in terms of colors, trim and upholstery.


    The new Hamann Victory II is introduced with car body becomes broader and the engine performance as well as the amount of carbon parts is significantly increased. The super sports car Victory based on the first Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Hamann offers these for the Victory II. In addition, they offer an entire refinement of the original body design which starts with a new front apron in Race-design with a centre carbon part. With new fenders in the front and fender extensions in the back, the Hamann Victory II renders an even more remarkable appearance.

    Also, the extended side skirts and the air inlet on the roof – available in carbon as well – confirm this impression. The back of the car is enhanced by a diffuser and a newly designed rear wing which pushes the car onto the road at high speeds. Hamann offers the rear wing either in fibre glass or the ultra light and persistent carbon. On top of that, a carbon layer can be applied to the bonnet.

    2010 Hamann Victory II with engine electronics to increasing power to 427 kW/580 hp with a maximum torque of 575 Newton metres. Therefore, the Hamann Victory II reaches an impressive 328 km/h top speed.

    The interior of the Hamann Victory II is enhanced by a 14-part carbon set which includes decorative blends, the steering wheel and the door openers. The Hamann-sports seats with the carbon back render a perfect seating position.

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    1. Anwur Musaheb says:

      Good Morning,
      I am interesting in a full body kit for Toyota Fitz 2013 model imported from Japan.
      could you please send me the details and if possible the picture of various model to
      be import from Mauritius.
      Many thanks

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