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    The 2012 Beijing Auto Show is where most automakers show off their latest concepts and designs meant for emerging markets in Asia and surrounds. This unveil from Honda is a little different, with only one of the two cars being introduced to be aimed only at the Chinese market.

    Concept C is a concept model for a middle-class sedan Honda is developing specially for the Chinese market. The “C” represents “Cool,” “Challenge,” and “China.” The Concept C features a stately, distinctive and sporty design that was inspired by the image of a dragon. The product planning for this model was led by Honda’s Chinese associates and the development was done through cooperation between development teams in China and Japan. Honda is planning to introduce a mass-production model based on this Concept C in 2013 through Guangqi Honda Automobile Co. Ltd.

    The Honda C is a concept meant for the Chinese market, the world’s fastest-growing automotive market and one which every major player in the game is digging to get a foothold in. Honda hopes that the Chinese-only C will be the car to do that for them. It is a sleek, dragon-inspired sedan like every other debut in Beijing this year. Note that past years have not showcased “rat-inspired” or “rabbit-inspired” designs.

    The C is a highly-styled sedan with Honda’s usual low profile and ground-hugging design. Looking like a more muscular Accord, the C seems to lean forward as if to say “GO!” Its body lines follow this theme of speed and power and the sure-to-be-replaced razor-thin side mirrors tell the driver not to bother to look back at those losing the race.

    Honda has not released a lot of detail for the drive train on this car yet, but it will likely be a 4-cylinder engine coupled to a 5-speed transmission.

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