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    Due to the Environmental and space issues, designing a reliable eco system of the automotive industry became more important than ever. One of the solution is to share a vehicle, giving the people same experience as with privately own vehicles and at the same time reducing the amount of vehicles. Most of the previous concepts tend to be compact, made out of cheap material, easy to use, with stackable function targeting  the mass.

    A four-seater concept car designed by Julliana Cho for Porsche, the 2011 Porsche 929 Designer Concept was produced to operate as eco-friendly as feasible. Porsche 929 is a vehicle specially designed for an exclusive sharing car membership. Targeting the potential Porsche customers in both Asian and European major cities, it is suitable for long distance drive as a weekend family car. Rather than hiding that it’s shared, Porsche 929 shows more that it’s shared with symbolic design elements providing strong emotional benefit for the customers by making them feel proud to be part of the exclusive eco friendly membership.

    The 4-door coupe is by now standard practice in car design. The Porsche 928, Lamborghini Espada and Ferrari 330 GTC all hold fast to this blueprint with remarkable outcome. Julliana Cho’s Porsche 929 concept combines sleek styling and environmental awareness. The 929’s proportions is shorter than the Porsche Panamera but lengthier than the 911.

    The car concept from Cho will require a thinking man to enjoy it aesthetically. This attempt by Porsche to enter the fray of “Eco-friendly” vehicles is seen as positive from different quarters of the automotive community.

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