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  • 2011 LOTUS ELISE S

    Year on year, Lotus has added to the Elise range, tweaking and improving on the much loved entry level sports car and this year is no exception. Making their joint debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show are the all new Elise S and the Elise SPS (Serial Precision Shift) options

    The small lightweight agile 2-seater mid engine sportscar revolutionised the market sector 15 years ago when it was introduced and by aggressively sticking to Lotus’ core values of performance through lightweight, the Lotus Elise was, and still is, able to produce supercar performance with city car economy.

    The Elise S replaces the Elise SC with a new 1.8l super charged engine capable of delivering 220 PS and a power delivery which results in even more torque.With the new engine and improved throttle response the Elise S gives an even more exhilarating and lively drive experience. The more efficient engine results in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than the outgoing Elise SC.

    Available later this year, both the Elise S and the Elise SPS option showcase Lotus’ clever approach to increasing the pure driving experience through innovative use of lightweight technology.

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