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    The Subaru Impreza Concept fuses a sleek form that exudes dynamism and elegance with a roomy and rich four-seat interior that expresses a safe and comfortable ride. The car suggests an advanced design for Subaru by using a sporty and lively four-door coupe style.

    The front design, seen in combination with the traditional hawk eye-style headlights, this striking, unique design presents a front face instantly recognizable as a Subaru. A fin-shaped fog lamp is also featured in the front bumper. Following on the Subaru wing motif, it gives an even fresher expression of the Subaru identity.

    The rear design, the rear lights create a sharp impression, with an edged design that stretches to the body side and joins with the body character line. For the diffusers on the underside of the rear bumper and the rear deck, Subaru has employed a design that capitalizes on aerodynamic characteristics with satisfying environmental friendliness.

    The high-luster silver aluminum wheels use a 10-spoke design consisting of five sturdy spokes that evoke the powerful AWD driving experience and five thin spokes that evoke the lightness of the Impreza. Carbon fins garnish the circumference of the spokes, demonstrating their brake-cooling performance. The exterior color is “Sky Silver.” This bluish silver suggests an airplane in flight.

    This dynamic shape of Subaru Impreza Concept’s interior brings together the instrument panel with the door trim and armrests, and speaks to the driving pleasure that is expected from Subaru. The roomy platinum-leather four-seat layout enfolds occupants. The leather was chosen to fit in with the interior color motif and give passengers the impression of urbanity and coolness. Dark blue piping and double stitching was used in the interior. The upper part is of a light platinum color, while the lower part is shade darker.

    In interior is equipment more features information and entertainment. Three different displays – one each for navigation, car audio and vehicle information. The sporty steering wheel and A monitor in the combination meter displays video from the EyeSight Stereo Camera.

    The Subaru Impreza Concept is powered by a next-generation Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine with improved environmental friendliness. The combination of the 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated Boxer engine with a Lineartronic (CVT) represents Subaru’s next-generation powertrain.

    Technical Specifications

    • Length: 178.0?
    • Width: 71.7?
    • Height: 56.3?
    • Wheelbase: 103.9 inches
    • Engine: 2.0-liter four cylinder Horizontally-Opposed engine
    • Transmission: Lineartronic (CVT)
    • Tire size: 245/40ZR19
    • Occupancy: Four persons


    The Cadillac Aera Concept was designed as a small city urban vehicle, but we approached this 2 2 touring coupe very much from the brand’s luxury perspective. This car concept won the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, tying with Smart and besting entries from seven other automakers including Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Maybach. GM Advanced Design has now won the honor more times than any other design team.

    It is powered by compressed air via a highly efficient Pneumatic Drive System that has a 10,000-psi composite air storage tank with capacity for a 1,000-mile range. Flexible, pressurized air cells in the exterior skin, similar to material developed for the NASA Mars Rover airbags, enhance passive safety and interior comfort. The flexible polymer skin optimizes aerodynamics and functions as an ultra-lightweight alternative to conventional body panels and glass.

    The Cadillac Aera’s body structure is formed from unique, alloy-utilizing, semi-solid freeform manufacturing, creating a naturally strong, extremely lightweight frame. All major body parts, including interior components, are essentially “grown” into a single part lattice structure.

    The interior is crafted with an ultra-light recyclable polymer that allows for HVAC channels, fully adjustable seating, storage and comfort features all in one mono-form structure. Generous storage space accommodates luggage for two people.

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