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    The New Volvo sports Coupe has been introduced by Volvo cars UK which offers new design of the styling kit accessories of volvo car, new sports tuned chasis that will be available for view at the upcoming Frankfurt Motorshow. The New C30 will be released and expected to be in the volvo Showrooms in early 2010. If the price are good and competitive with all entry level luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes in Malaysia, i believe that we will see more Volvo cars especially the new C30 on the road due to its sporty looks and styling. With the new bodykits of volvo c30, the new C30 in my own opinion have a better looks than the latest BMW 1 series.


    Attached here is the current price list of Volvo cars in Malaysia:

    VOLVO C30 2.4i (CBU) RM215,500.00
    VOLVO C70 2.4i (CBU) RM345,381.00
    VOLVO C70 T5 (CBU)   RM399,361.50
    VOLVO S40 2.4I             RM169,950.00
    VOLVO S60 2.5T             RM216,000.00
    VOLVO S60 T5                 RM253,500.00
    VOLVO S80 2.5T             RM285,000.00
    VOLVO S80 3.2 (CBU)  RM398,000.00
    VOLVO S80 T6 EXECUTIVE  RM337,807.73
    VOLVO V50 2.4i            RM185,950.00
    VOLVO V50 2.5 T5        RM223,500.00
    VOLVO XC90 2.5T         RM355,000.00
    VOLVO XC90 D5             RM355,000.00
    VOLVO XC90 T6             RM393,946.57


    Some of the enhancement on the 2010 New C30 is:

    * New front and rear design
    * Introduction of the new Sports chassis
    * New accessory styling kit
    * Extensive range of options, bold colours and accessories

    VOLVO C30

    The front of the Volvo C30 has been redesigned giving the car a radical new appearance. Body panel changes, including the wings and bonnet, create a distinctive personality whilst closely aligning it to the S60 Concept and recently announced new C70.

    In the grille sits the new, larger iron mark, as seen in the rest of the Volvo range. The air intake has also been enlarged and resembles the intake in the XC60. The grille also has a new honeycomb pattern, unique to the C30.

    Other new exterior features include the introduction of a vibrant Orange Flame Metallic colour, visible exhaust tailpipes in the T5 and D5 models, two new wheel options, including a striking white wheel alternative and the choice of five different colours on the lower trim from the new C30 Contrast Colour Collection, such as Blackcurrant, Java and Shadow Blue.


    The new Volvo C30 also offers a range of new interior options. There is now an all-new colour combination, Espresso/Blond, consisting of a dark brown upper section and a blond, fresh shade on the lower door sides. The blond tone is a grey/beige colour and is an expression of Volvo’s strong Scandinavian design tradition. The Espresso/Blond interior gives customers the opportunity to specify the new, bright accent colours which include orange, green and blue in the fabrics, as well as a new Cranberry colour for leather upholstery.


    Optional Sports chassis will be available which gives the C30 a significantly sharper ride. The introduction of the Sports chassis means the car is lowered by 10 millimetres, resulting in a lower centre of gravity enhancing the driving characteristics. The steering is more precise owing to the installation of stiffer bushings. The steering ratio is lower, giving a 10 percent faster response to steering wheel input.

    2010 NEW VOLVO C30

    Spring stiffness has been increased by 30 percent to deliver a more dynamic ride. The dampers too are stiffer and are designed to build up pressure more quickly. The roll stabilizers are also stiffer to reduce any leaning tendency when cornering. The new sport chassis is available as an option in all C30 variants except with the 1.6D DRIVe with Start/Stop.

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      nak 1

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      Harga C30 CBU, affordable. Tapi kalau boleh potong harga 3 kali ganda tanpa cukai, harganye sama mcm harga pesona… yet, with more quality..

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