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    This taxi concept is a prototype vehicle developed by Lotus with zero emissions fuel cell hybrid system. London Mayor, Boris Johnson, wants all the city’s taxis to have zero emissions by 2020 and Lotus, along with the other project partners, is aiming to get an initial fleet of 20 such vehicles on the road for the Olympics in 2012.

    Under the bonnet lies an enormous 154-litre tank filled with hydrogen. The fuel cell itself is located in the transmission tunnel where the gearbox would normally be, while the battery packs are mounted underneath the centre of the car, face down, so they’re easy to access for tinkering purposes. Finally, the electric motor sits on a new sub frame in between the rear wheels.

    Flexible Lotus Fuel Cell Taxi Concept’s interior space as there would normally be, so passengers, luggage and wheelchairs can fit in just as easily. There’s a small LCD screen on the dash that displays the fuel cell’s vitals and tells you when it’s ready to start.

    The 2011 Camaro-based special was originally created as a one-off movie car for Exxodus Pictures’ new sci-fi flick, Jinn.

    Body and interior get renovation, the FireBreather also gets supercharged version of the Camaro’s 6.2-liter V8 with 599-horsepower plus numerous other goodies such as 275/40 ZR20 Pirellu P-Zero Rosso tires and an Eibach Pro-Plus Performance handling package.

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