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    The Honda CRZ seems pretty composed fomite politely by the plant was silenced, prevented from shouting: “I have a lot of the lack of ability” at the top of the filter. Of course, Japan does not automatically compact hybrid only in the cosmos that are in this situation. With this knowledge needs to recognize that potential buyers squez electric vehicle will follow the general body to solve this problem, for after-market developers. Today we present the avatars revised by the CR-Z, who stuck by noblesse Japanese tuner. This is a company with several fomites play by the same achieved by the Japanese car. Return to this project, we must say that the tuner is automatically receives alternately trackday substance. Vehicles have a new connection to the road, sure as a tuner like to offer that to advertise repaired by Hustler for addressing harder through the corners. To be more precise, cars with V-mount vision and a set of rims CE28N who came in 17-inch multi-spoke design is doped. Wheel using high-performance tires. This vehicle also analyze the electrical potential, because they have a set of outer race elements appear to accept the offer.This setting is to receive a new front apron with a new grille, carbon cap and return the character quite well.

    2014 LEXUS IS

    The Lexus IS passion began in 1998, just after 12 long existence, the only one who saw this car was underrated facelift for model year 2011. All this may change, but, as we now hear that this luxury sedan from third coevals in 2014. Setting the stage a bit, we talked a little of all but the Toyota FT-86, we together recognize, is a sports car in cooperation with Subaru, which has since acquired several times at once examined.All the same, the FT-86 sports coupe is not just about this, or bruits baby on the model. The rumors stated that the next coevals Lexus IS is as is the platform on the FT-86 and is in fact a four-door sports car version of the future. This objective is composed animation bequeath all FT-86, but under the hood is a completely different machine.

    2014 Lexus IS is a new design of linguistic communication, comprising animation throughout-FT 86. However, do not expect the same aggressiveness and athleticism in the example of Toyota by athletics to consist ascertained, to see the design for a medium sedan, will be adjusted. Interior also did engineering coulded * $ 40k sedan.While the Toyota FT-86 engine will be powered by 2.0 liter flat-4 with power from Subaru, IS atmosphere 4-cylinder 2.5-liter and / or property of six 3.6-liter. 2014 Lexus IS F with a high-power V-8 to continue with the capability of over 400 hp. IS F is 00-60 mph sprint in about 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 170 mph hit Sprint.

    The future of leaving all but the Lexus examples like the Acura TL, Infiniti to take G, BMW 3-series and all new generation in their place by clips. BMW generally put petrol in-line six-cylinder engine under the caps-3 series, only with coevals close together, they promised four-cylinder turbocharged engine new. This will be the next to think about. Next Infiniti G on the other hand, reportedly, with 3.5-liter hybrid engine of the M35 incorporates bequeath get about 360 hp offer is made, and it added some examples of the Lexus. Just in the past is what is offered to betray accompany as income, the cars.

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