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Lets discuss about which suspension system spring and absorber brand that is the best for your car. The topic suggested by ace prima and I would like to elaborate a bit on that for us to get some ideas on suspension system and the brand available for you to choose. For those who have the experience using any suspension system brand on your car, please give some sincere review here.

sustec tanabe suspension system 400x384


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When designing vehicle suspension systems, it is well-known that spring and damper characteristics required for good handling on a vehicle are not the same as those required for good ride comfort. Any choice of spring and damper characteristic is therefore necessarily a compromise between ride comfort and handling.

Many people just concentrate on lowering the car and assume that stiffer springs and the lower ride height will improve handling.

However there are many other settings for your suspension which can make a massive difference to the handling before you even think about changing components.

The shocks are generally a piston inside a liquid and some have an additional gas chamber to absorb shocks (gas compresses whereas liquid does not compress under pressure.)

Shocks can have a fairly complicated structure.

Testing the shocks on your car you bounce the car – if you get more than one bounce then your shock are on the way out.

Without shocks the car would drive like a thing on a spring and just bounce everywhere.

Damper – the shock absorber, Bound & Rebound settings.
This is the dampening force of the shock absorber. Bound is the rate at which the shock allows compression and rebound is the rate at which the shock releases the compression.

If your suspension has a dampening control then you can play with these settings and get the optimum setting. Electronic in car adjustments is now possible and if you are considering drifting your car you really should invest in one of these set-ups.


However, The best suspension system is the adjustable hi-low suspension which you can adjust for comfort or handling or mix of both equally. Below are some of the list of suspension system which consists of springs and absorber available in aftermarket with each brand price.

rgt suspension spring absorber 400x274

RGT’ The latest name in high quality imported high performance sports suspension. Designed and
developed using the most advanced German suspension technology.

For the hardcore motoring enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best, Street Dynamics now presents to you the latest series of high performance suspension, RGT High Performance Adjustable Hi-Lo Absorbers.

RGT High Performance Adjustable Hi-Lo Absorbers are designed to offer the ultimate balance in handling, stability and comfort. Perfect for street and also track.

RGT High Performance Adjustable Hi-Lo Absorbers offer the best in quality and affordability. Attain a sportier, safer and spirited drive with increased level of confidence by using RGT High Performance Adjustable Hi-Lo Absorbers, the ultimate choice for street or track. Best value for money for a high quality imported Adjustable Hi-Lo absorbers.

• Height adjustable hi-lo kit for the perfect ride height
• Powder coated for durability and higher rust prevention.
• High quality valves for lasting consistent damping effect.
• Serviceable
• Specially tuned for specific models.
• Dramatic improvement in performance handling characteristics.
• Optimal steering response for better control and superb road holding.
• Superior ride quality with unparallel stability and comfort.
• Confidence inspired cornering.
• Eliminate body roll.
• Reduces braking distance for added safety.
• Nitrogen gas charged for durability.
• Durable silent block bush.
• Renowned German Technology
• Tested and Approved


tein flex suspension system 400x376
Tein Flex suspension system (spring and absorber) Priced at around RM2500


d2 suspension system absorber 400x340

D2 SUSPENSION SYSTEM -ABSORBER price between rm2000-2500

- USA technology
- Adjustable or non Adjustable
- Made in Malaysia, not Taiwan
- Available for all Malaysia & Japan cars

Proton- All model:
Wira,Waja,Pesona,Gen-2,Perdana,Satria, Iswara,saga etc

Honda- All Model:
Civic, Accord, CRV, Stream etc

Toyota- All Model:
WISH,Vios,Altis,camry,avanza,rush,yaris ect

hks adjustable

HKS suspension system price around RM1500-RM2000

100% original HKS! Made in Japan! RARE item!
Tip-top condition! 8/10.
Just Serviced.

Front : Hi/Lo & soft/hard adjustable,
Rear : Hi/Lo & soft/hard adjustable.

Suitable for Proton Wira,Satria and Waja.

hrc suspension system for honda civic eg and ek 400x265

HRC Suspension System price around RM1300

1.Suitable for all types of wheel & tyre
2.Superd handling & stability on highways & cornering
3.Better braking performance
4.Sport look & comfortable

proride hydraulic gas suspension 400x390

SAPURA Pro-ride Absorber & spring suspension system. Price around RM400-500. Hydraulic gas suspension system, designed for comfort & smooth handling. Price as-per below

apm suspension and absorbers 374x400

Apm suspension and absorbers Full Set RM450

kayaba new sr special sport absorber

Kayaba New SR Special Sport Absorber Comes complete with original RSR sport springs (hard). Suitable for speed cornering enthusiast. Price around RM1000

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19 Responses

  1. Bernard says:

    Hi bro
    Mazda3 2006 model ful set absorber & spring use $$ also new $$

    Thank you

  2. Kuzer says:

    Klu proton wira a/b 1.3 dpn pkai absrbr+spring sport, blkg pkai stndrd, ok ke?

  3. Jim says:

    Recommend me suitable for Myvi Se 1.3cc suspension system & absorber brand and better price.Thank you

  4. iqbal85 says:

    plz suggest the best spring & absorber for honda city 09 smooth like honda camry suspension

  5. Majeed Quraishi says:

    Please advice me the Best TEIN Shocks & Spring and pricing for my Toyota Estima year 2000 Model GH-MCR30W-MRSSK-1. iTS 3.0 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE. Thank You

  6. M Fauzi says:

    Price tein & gab adjustable for estima acr30?

  7. wan ho says:

    my car is proton preve..what type absorber good for it??
    giv me suggestions please..

  8. wan ho says:

    my type car is…preve 1.6cc sedan..cfe type..

  9. jason says:

    Bro, can recommend comfort shock absorbers for Mitsubishi Lancer glx cs3 2006?

    is the sapura proride suitable?

  10. haffis says:

    mau tukar absorber camry acv 40 2006.. bro bole advice tak?

  11. naim says:

    Bro, can recommend comfort absrbr+spring untuk toyota rush…bro bole advice tak?depan dan belakang.brand and better price.tq

  12. Kuna says:

    Boss, please PM if you have adjustable for Nissan Sunny 130Y & price.

  13. reza says:

    bro. how much price GAB SA for persona ?

  14. amin razali says:

    nk tnya..klu viva pkai rim 14….agaknye klu tukar spring gap nmpak tggi lg x? n bpe hrga bole dpt spring gab

  15. johnson says:

    Need to buy a set of absorber for my Mazda MPV 1996. Can advise please.

  16. g-hunt says:

    Any of you guys tested the F-tuned yet? Care to share your experience?

  17. khai says:

    mnta prtolongan dari tuan, adjustable apa yg sesuai intuk odyssey ra4, baru2 ni saya dh beli tein h/ l ra 6 (rm1000), tapi malang rupanya x boleh pakai pada krta saya..rasa tertipu

  18. hakim says:

    hi bro, which adjustable can I use for my Honda stream RN6 for comfort street use? can I get the comfort same as standard & can I adjust the level same as standard?

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