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    During the 2009 Tokyo Autosalon, Zele International’s will unveil their first complete car, the ‘ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition’.The Zele Gtr will be finished wih a bright orange paint and countless piece of carbon fiber panels.The aero kit includes carbon fiber bumpers, lip spoiler, side skirts, rear wing, revised air ducts, grille, side mirrors and even a dry carbon rooftop.A pair of Recaro seats will be fitted in the car.

    ZELE R35 GTR Complete Edition



    The ZELE R35 GTR Complete Edition will produce a massive 550bhp, that is an increase of 65 bhp from the stock 3.8 v6 twin turbo engine.This is achieveable by the use of an upgraded ecu, the FZ-ROM ecu.The car will sit on a 20 inch combine with a height adjustable suspension.

    ZELE R35 GTR Complete Edition Rear


    Zele will start taking orders for the R35 GT-R Complete Edition from 9th January, but only eight extremely lucky customers will be able to get the car.As for the rest, they have to buy part by part and build one from a stock R35

    Zele GTR R35 ECU


    Zele GTR R35 ECU




    ZELE R35 GTR Muffler

    ZELE Customised Paint Program *1
    Dry Carbon Fiber Front Aero Bumper *1
    Dry Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors *1
    Dry Carbon Fiber Roof *1
    Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler *1
    Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
    Carbon Fiber Rear Under Spoiler
    Carbon Fiber Bonnet NACA Ducts
    Carbon Fiber Front Fender Ducts
    Dry Carbon Fiber Front Grille
    Dry Carbon Fiber Intake Cover
    Dry Carbon Radiator Shroud
    Titanium Hood Support Bar


    ZELE R35 GTR Oil Cooler

    FZ-ROM ECU (Type3, Maximum Output 550ps)
    Titanium Muffler (Type1 or Type2) *3
    Rear Differential Oil Cooler Type-2 *3
    ZELE Edition RAYS Gramlights R57GT 20″Alloy Wheels
    ZELE Edition RAYS Volk Racing TE37G2 Alloy Wheels *2
    Height Adjustable Suspensions Conversion Kit
    RECARO Bucket Seats TS-G Alcantara
    Zele Sports Brake Pads


    ZELE R35 GTR Transmission Cooler

    *1 Exclusive available for ZELE Complete Edition.
    *2 Optional
    *3 Rear Differential Oil Cooler available only when Titanium Muffler Type1 is selected.

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