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    Right after KDI’s post few days back, I decided to create a simillar topic to his one. But one thing different here is our function where KDI will fetch up all the good passengers while i’ll be fetching up the bad guys.Here i would like to share picture of police car all over the world. Especially our most controversial Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police Car which was meant to escort officers around an to catch those high speed illegal racers.

    Twenty five of the Evolution X will get the PDRM paint job.Watch out illegal racers, you wont get a chance once this beast appeared in your rear view mirror. Just hope the policemen wont abuse the car and race with the illegal racer instead.

    Evo X Police

    Evo X Police Track

    A photoshopped version of Malaysia Evo X Police car on Track, this is more like it.

    Lamborghini Gallardo

    If i am an Italian, i will definetely join the Police team. And if i were to drive this magnificent Lamborghini Gallardo Patrol car, i wont bother to catch those bad guys. The only one who is goin to be catched by me is those fine Italian Ladies.

    Lotus Exige Police

    The Lotus Exige, one of the most agile car in the world.Give me one of these and you’ll see me lapping around Sepang International Circuit, SIC with the siren on.

    Have you ever heard of the anime named Wangan Midnight or even the real Wangan expressway challenge which is famous in Japan.This is where all the big boys shows off what they had done to their monster. Evryone will be racing at high speed in excess of 200kmh.If you were the Police there, what would be the remedy? A Nissan Skyline R34 should do the job. But one question in mind, is the 180kmh speed cut still on?

    Skyline GTR Police

    Porsche Carrera Police

    Fancy a fine german supercar? Be a police driver then. You’ll get a chance to drive this Porsche Carrera Police Car. Just make sure you dont get caught i the world famous Nurburgring Race Track aka The Ring.

    Brabus CLS Police

    My personal favourite, one of the fastest or maybe the fastest sedan in the world, the Brabus CLS V12 Police car. With a 730hp twin-turbocharged V12 engine, there is basically no other car that can outrun this Brabus.And if i were the driver, i would drive the CLSat its top speed of 225mph all day long on the Autobahn with big fat smile.

    And for those who had seen any other interesting car anywhere in the world, please share here

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    4 Responses

    1. Norman says:

      One in Switzerland i saw a Porsche GTA patrol car and a Kawasaki ZX-12R police bike.The drivers and riders are former racers if i’m not wrong.

    2. Niemans says:

      There is practically NO road or highway in Malaysia that can allow any speed fiend to run >160kmh continously. It bound has to slow down due to the nature of our roads and the many slowmo obstructing the highway. An current well maintained police car can do the job. Therefore it is a waste of public funds to acquire the fancy EVO X to police the highway. Anyhow so what the police using EVO X overrun the illegal racer…maybe to catch some unlucky mat rempits…but they will never catch a Nissan GT-R R35 burning the tarmac.

      Unlike the German Autobahn which has no speed limits, modern cars there travels in access of 130kmh at will. They only slow down due to the car has a built-in speed limiter of 250kmh! In fact any vehicles that do not attain a speed >100kmh is NOT ALLOWED on the autobahn! Now this is where the patrol cars needs the ‘muscles’ to match any traffic offenders speed for speed.

      Anyway what’s the use of crying over spilt milk. Let’s hope the police’s EVO X can do the job as intended.

    3. asraf says:

      This morning, I saw for the first time Evo X Malaysian police car along Jalan Ipoh.. colour design is different from the illustration above, not a regular malaysian police look..

    4. James Bond Jr. says:

      I’d better be a royal secret asassin rather than be a police because my Aston Martin DBS 117 could do better job than this…

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