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  • Water-Methanol Injection

    Water Methanol Injection

    Water Methanol Injection System


    Worried of overheating engine due to lean air mixture, or engine knocking due to
    early detonation.Well there is a solution to overcome all this problem.

    People had been developing Water injection technology for cars to reduce the intake air
    temperature.Water is known for its high latent heat of vaporization, so it can absorb the
    heat and cool down the intake air temperature.It also have the same effect of a higher octane fuel where it wont detonate easily thus we can feed more air fuel mixture into the combustion chamber

    The basic principle is simple.Water is injected in the air intake ram before the throttle body.
    However the injected water should be a fined atomized particle so it will be evaporized by
    the hot intake air.This is to avoid accumulation of water drops in the engine which will
    disturb the combustion. The fined atomization can be achieved by aplying high water pressure to a suitable nozzle.We can see this example of this system in our local mamak store where they spray fine water mist in front of a fan.We can barely feel the water as it is very fine.

    Nozzle Placement


    Position of the nozzle placement

    The a main advantage of this system is we can achieved more power with the same engine configuration.

    For turbo powered car, we can increase the boost pressure to a higher level without worrying of engine damage.Even if the air fuel mixture is lean the temperature of the air fuel mixture is cooled down by the the water injection

    As for Naturally Aspirated car (NA) we can retard the ignition so we can have more air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber without worrying of early detonation which will cause engine knocking.

    For additional power, Methanol can be added to the water.It is usually 50-50 ratio.It can boost up the combustion similar to your NOS system

    In addition, we can save fuel by using this system as we can introduce a leaner air fuel mixture to the engine without worrying of damage.Cold intake air will also make the engine more efficient.Just compare between driving at noon and driving at night.

    Basic Sytem of water injection

    Basic System Without The Use Of Pump And Nozzle

    Water Injection system can be installed at any shop which sells and provide installation of this system whichyou can found by browsing in forums or website such as www.zerotohundred.com and www.lowyat.net. If you have the initiative knowledge and skill you can actually diy you own system.Resources can be found all around the net and also youtube.com.But you have to take your own risk of doing it.

    Diy Diagram

    Diy Diagram Of Water Injection System

    Example Of this system which is also used by some accesories and workshop in Malaysia is Snowperformance


    Any comment,question and discussion is welcomed.I will try my best to answer and discuss.

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    1. egb18c says:

      gile buruk lukisan ko.
      laen kali mouse tu pakai ruler dowh.wahahah.

      bile je mau DIY bende neh?
      taksabo da neh,
      tunggu kete aku service je jap.check apesal kuar asap itam.
      adakah sparkplug power sgt/system pojie tuh/piston rings or ade valve tak btol.

    2. azameel says:

      aku x lukis pon.copy paste je haha..leceh ar nak diy nozzle susah nk carik.jom ar buat projek curi mamak pnye haha.

    3. egb18c says:

      weh,takmau advertise product pojie tuh ke.dapat income sket

    4. Akat says:

      aku dah buat ni.. motor pump 128psi dan nozzle aku bleh dapat dengan mudah in bulk.. ade lagi 20 ketul nozzle kat rumah aku.. nak control injection aku pakai akaTech.. sila contact aku kalo nak tau lebih lanjut 0122348695

    5. zull says:

      Cecair utama ape yg digunakan? ……… jika air biasa ..ada sesiapa yg telah overhaul / top overhaul engine tgk effect pada engine ?


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