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    The Nissan GTR is one of the best sports car Nissan had ever produced. In term of performance, handling and the price, it can be considered the most perfect Japanese sports car. But like people said, nothing is perfect. Thats why we can see the an updated version of the GTR.

    The new 2010 updated version receives minor upgrades in the performance aspect as well as the handling and a little touch up in the navigation system .


    In terms of performance, Nissan has recalibrated the suspension settings “to offer enhanced, premium quality ride comfort, while still providing the driver with a feeling of direct contact with the road surface.” To do this, the company stiffened the rear suspension radius rod bushings as well as the front shock absorbers and springs.


    The SpecV will receive a revised rear shock absorber settings as well as new high performance tires from Dunlop (the previous Bridgestone tires will be available as an option).


    The power range of the GTR engine has been improved by the new hexagonal meshed catalyst cells that reduce ventilation/airflow resistance.The acceleration has become smoother with better low and mid-range engine response.


    Prices for the GTR will start at 8,610,000 (RM328,000) yen for the standard GT-R and a whopping 15,750,000  yen (RM599,722) for a GT-R SpecV.
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