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    Yesterday we already posted  the crashed picture of  Toyota Alphard.You can view it again by click  the link below.


    For today we will post another picture of an accident which happened in Putrajaya in October 2008.In that accident, the Toyota Vios was hit onto a Palma tree.According from the people who did the investigations on this accident, this Vios was not speeding.The speed of this car is about 90-110km/h when the accident happened.He already watch the CCTV and it happened at uphill route with a little curve.

    Some of you might be the owner of Toyota Vios right?.You must know your car well.You also need to know how this accident happened.The accient was happening when the Vios was suddenly hit the brake, lost control, hit the road shoulder and pivoting the car towards a Palma tree. The keyword here is hitting a sudden brake.And many accidents involving toyota Vios might be due to brake.It is because of the brake is so sensitive.Another person who is involved in another accident also with Vios said that before the Vios in front of him lost control, he saw the braking light and the car just boom.

    The investigator that I said in the first paragraph already did some investigations and research on the brake performance of the car.His colleague said, “Aku suka Vios sebab brek dia cengkam gile, tekan sket je dh tangkap”. So what this supposed to mean? What will happen during emergency situation? You know, very sensitive brake system is not good, especially if you drive on the high speed and on the wet road.

    If you got Toyota Vios, be careful with your brake system, don’t do anything stupid like driving fast during raining day, if possible, make it less “sensitive”. One more thing, if you drove on any vehicle, please slow down your car during raining day or wet road.I myself nearly face an accident on my way to KLIA on wet road.My car rotate 360 degree twice due to hydroplaning and nearly hit the steel divider.Luckily the road is big and nothing happened to me and my car.

    The car hit this tree.

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