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    MPV is like a hot cakes in Malaysia.More and more Malaysian change their car with the MPV.Whatever MPV that they like or owned, safety is the most important things.So, looks at this accident picture which happened in year 2008.

    The Alphard driver was very lucky and probably safe. The accident happened at 2.50pm to be exact. The poor Alphard was driving his own way when the 3-ton lorry lost control & jumped over the divider then head on with the Alphard without braking. There are no tyre screeching marks from the lorry.

    His cousin brother who arrived at the scene bout 30 mins later after the accident from Serdang said that the owner just purchased the Alphard less than a year ago & recently striked twice 1st Prize in SportToto.The estimated costs of repair for this Alphard was around RM45,000.

    I my opinion, this is not a direct head-on collision, and more to a side impact , i would say the A and B pillars did a great job in absorbing the impact.Alphards are tall vehicles therefore when the lorry hit it, the floor panel absorbed the impact.The car really did his job to protect its driver, and many case that the driver will sustain serious injury if met with side collision.

    Toyota’s design of the car structure to protect the passenger when accident happen, the force of the crash will be diverted to other part of the car to lessen the impact of the accident to the passengers in the car.

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