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    The Toyota Prius is the most succesful hybrid car in the world. Currently there are already two generations of the toyota Prius.And recently there has been a rumours that Toyota is working on the Prius Coupe.

    Theres not much details on the project but most probably the Coupe will feature Italian Design. Toyota is considering having Pininfarina or Italdesign to create the styling for the new model.


    An Edited Photo From The Standard Prius

    Power would likely be provided by the same Prius 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with Synergy Drive found on the standard model. And while the engine’s 98hp and 142Nm of torque isn’t exactly sporty, the coupe would most likely hit home the Prius’ strongest selling point – fuel economy. If the reports are to be believed, the Prius Coupe would be capable of such impressive fuel economy as the rumoured 77km per every 4-liters of petrol. Mix that in with some irresistible Italian design and you have a winning formula.


    Prius Coupe Main Competitor the Honda CR-Z Hybrid

    If Toyota does produce a Prius coupe, it would compete with Honda’s recently confirmed CR-Z hybrid (CR-Z Concept pictured)The CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) will be launched in Japan, in February 2010.

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    3 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      nampak gayanyer Toyota pun minat Italian design macam kereta2 China spt Chery, BYD, SAIC dan lain2 mintah khidmat designer yg sama..Pinifarina ni memang bgs aaa hasil kerjanya. design memang class

    2. Proton pulak, skip hybrid. & focus more to R&D EV…. kan??
      kalu tak silap aku la..
      tapi.. lambatnyer… ishk2..

    3. apa2 ajer says:

      betul ke rumor nak kuarkan kereta Hybrid. kalau betul bgs la tapi harga mesti tepat

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