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    Previously, Toyota had made a recall for its Toyota Prius ABS problem and now they had began fixing the problems.Read the full news from Bernama.


    TOKYO, — Toyota Motor Corp. on Wednesday began fixing brake problems in the latest model of its Prius hybrid at dealers across Japan, as Tokyo sought to allay via diplomatic channels Washington’s concerns over safety plaguing the world’s largest automaker, Kyodo News said.

    The nationwide fix began a day after the world’s largest automaker announced a recall of about 437,000 vehicles worldwide to repair brake problems in its best-selling Prius and three other hybrid models.

    According to Toyota, vehicles can be fixed at dealers by having the software for their antilock brake system replaced. The process takes about 10 minutes, but the overall fix, which includes an inspection, will take about 40 minutes.

    Dealers have been notifying Prius owners by phone or direct mail since Tuesday afternoon.

    The automaker plans to begin its fix for the three other models subject to the recall including the luxury Lexus HS250h and the hybrid-only Sai compact sedan once preparations have been made.

    Kyodo reported that Toyota plans to suspend the production of the Lexus HS250h and the Sai sedan from Saturday through Feb 20 as sales of these vehicles have been temporarily halted due to a delay in fixing the problems, Toyota officials said.

    In principle, car owners should have their vehicles fixed at the dealers which sent the notices, but cars can still be fixed at different dealers if, for instance, owners have changed their residence, Toyota said.

    Anticipating a rush, the automaker is asking owners to notify dealers before bringing in their cars.

    Toyota plans to finish more than 90 percent of its repairs within three months.

    In a fresh blow to the Japanese auto industry, another Japanese car giant, Honda Motor Co., said Wednesday it will recall a total of 437,763 cars in the world over a problem with the driver’s airbag inflator.

    Amid fears that the Toyota issue may snowball into a diplomatic issue, Transport Minister Seiji Maehara met with U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos on Wednesday afternoon to confirm that bilateral ties remain unaffected by Toyota’s recalls.

    While Maehara told Roos that Toyota President Akio Toyoda is expected to visit the United States as early as next week.

    Speaking to reporters after their meeting in Tokyo, Roos said: “I just want to emphasise this in no way has any kind of direct or indirect impact on the strength of the bilateral relationship between the United States and Japan which goes without saying is incredibly strong.”

    Toyota, which has long prided itself on a reputation for quality, has been hit by strong U.S. criticism of Toyota’s seemingly slow handling of the safety problems.

    Following the recall issue, Toyota has refused to receive a government award given to the carmaker’s latest model of the Prius hybrid for its fuel efficiency.

    Toyota’s recall in Japan involves 223,068 vehicles of the four models and addresses a glitch in the vehicles’ antilock brake system, which causes a momentary lag in brake functions when driving slowly on bumpy or slippery roads.

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