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  • The New Midnight Club: Los Angeles Car Racing Game Will Be Out Soon

    midnight club game racer

    The new Midnight Club is all about racing wherever you want — in LA — and however you want. With the better graphic effects of this new game, surely gives you the better feels in fact, the real feel of being a car racer. Updated with new car models that makes it more exciting. For car enthusiasts? get your own midnight club and enjoy..

    Midnight Club: Los Angeles has one point: racing. Not the closed course GranTurismo kind, not the road course Need for Speed kind. MC:LA is about racing through the city of white, winged creatures almost any way you want — the same way you’d actually race through an actual city, if you did such a thing, but you don’t because that’s illegal.

    And more than time and money, MC:LA is about the reason that real street racers do their things: reputation. And you get the reputation you want by winning.

    The next in the series of Midnight Club racing games has settled in one city, but in its scope and detail, it’s plenty. To be precise, the LA we’re talking about is the rectangular space bounded by the ocean on the West, the 101 up north, the 110 on the east, and the 10 on the south.

    midnight club racing game

    When you’re ready to throw down, you choose the kind of race you want, then start it by cruising the city until you find another racer. They’re identified by icons that hang over their cars, and it won’t take long to find one. Flash your lights at him or her, and it’s on. If you’re in for the full fat experience, you’ll race your new foe to the start line of the official race. You don’t have to, and it won’t get you any cash, but if you do it you’ll get rep points. At the start line, you’ll be doing one of these things:

    Circuit Races: Ordered races with multiple laps.

    Unordered Races: Checkpoints in these races can be cleared in any order you want. When all checkpoints are cleared, a final red checkpoint will appear. First one to the final checkpoint wins.

    Freeway Races: Freeway racers exclusively race on freeways. You simply need to match their speed and flash your lights to immediately start a race.
    Series Races: Series Races are collections of races run from Hangouts across the city. The first racer to win 3 races wins the series.

    midnight club

    Wager Races: These races are a way for the player to bet money on races. The amount wagered will set the difficulty of the race. Wager races are one-on-one races.

    Pinkslip Races: Pinkslip races allow you to bet your vehicle against opponents. You cannot engage in a pinkslip race unless you own more than one vehicle, and if you lose, you can always win back up to three of your vehicles from the Hangout.

    Time Trials: These are events where the same vehicle is used to set the best time for a particular race.Tournaments: A tournament is a multiple racer event where points are awarded depending on how each opponent finishes. At the end of the tournament, the racer with the most points wins.

    Red Light Racer: Red Light Races are one checkpoint races that start at the nearest red light and finish at a landmark on the other end of the city. There are no checkpoints, and racers can take any path they choose to the finish.

    Delivery: Deliver cars from the Hollywood Garage to their owners within the target time to receive your payment. Be careful not to damage the car though, as the damage you take will affect your delivery fee. A perfect delivery will double your payment.

    Payback: Help the mechanic pay back clients who have come up short on their bills. Borrow the mechanics vehicle from the Beach Garage and inflict damage on the target’s vehicle.

    Telephone Challenge: These challenges are received on your T-Mobile Sidekick. If you accept the challenge, you get to see the details and layouts of where to race through your GPS. The challenger will meet you there.

    midnight club car racing game

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