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    BMW X5 Security Plus


    Hi guys..ok, today I want to share some information about safety car or armoured car which is commonly used by rich or important people.Last February, we have already explained about the manufacturing process of armoured or bulletproof car.Today we want to give you some example of bulletproof car which is the new BMW X5 Security Plus which can repel the attack from the AK47.

    has released the details and images of the new BMW X5 Security Plus which meets the requirements of the Class 6 (APR 2006) resistance level.I’m sorry that I’m not very expert with these resistance classes.But from the information that we get this BMW X5 equipped with the high-performance steel moulded components and panels.The body features sealed joints, which also provide protection in critical areas as example between doors and frames as well as between side panels and pillars thus preventing bullet or fragment penetration, as well as security glass conceived exclusively for this bullet resistance class.

    BMW X5 Security Plus 5

     Security glass at this window. Can you see it?

    The BMW X5 Security Plus offers protection against combat criminal threats such as robbery, kidnapping, carjacking or abduction and can also be used in hot spots where the bad guys use AK 47s.

    The camera of the side view system integrated into the front bumper offers a detailed overview of what is going on in front of the vehicle. It also has an intercom system which facilitates communication with persons outside the vehicle, without having to open doors or windows. The hold-up alarm ensures that windows and doors lock automatically.

    However, the price of this BMW X5 Security Plus has not been announced yet, and I’m sure that the price is absolutely higher than the others.

    BMW X5 Security Plus 1

    Maybe the driver can choose which system to activate from this control pedestal.

    BMW X5 Security Plus 3

    This car boot also has a separate layer from the rear passenger.

    BMW X5 Security Plus 2



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    1 Response

    1. Niemans says:

      A couple of things to note about these vehicles:

      *You can’t roll down the rear windows, they are usualy fixed closed.
      *You can’t roll down the front window very far, the thickness of the glass stops it going down into the door.
      *The glass and armouring in the trunk lid is usually heavy that it takes two people to open the trunk – the struts that hold it up take >50kgs each!
      *The doors are so heavy, if you park on a slight angle, you can’t physically push the doors open.
      *Overall the car will be so heavy it will sink through the mud to the firmer surface below-which means you cannot balik kampung with the car!
      *You will invite terrorists to shoot you with a RPG instead!
      *Anyway people won’t know that you’re driving this monster because there won’t be any tailgate badge says “X5 SECURITY PLUS”!!

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