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    We can safely say that Mercedes in the benchmark of automobile safety. Most of the safety features which can be found in current car had already been fitted in the Mercedes long-long time ago especially the Merc S-Class. There’s a quote from Top Gear, “If you want to know the future of automobile safety, look at the Mercedes Benz S-Class.


    The legacy still lives on and now the future of safety gadgetry can be found in the 2009 Mercedes ESF S400 Hybrid concept.Its not a production car, but ESF stands for Experimental Safety Vehicle.The ESF is based on the ESV (Experimental Safety Vehicle) which is introduced back in 1974


    The new ESF 2009 features an inflatable metal structure with side impact bars that would saves space and increase crash protection when blown by pressures between 10 and 20 bar. Other than that, the new vehicle is expected to run on reflective tyres, full emergency braking systems fitted to the floor and an airbag built into the seatbelt.


    One of the most revolutionary addition is the implementation of an auxiliary braking system fitted under the car that helps the car slow down in case the system detects an imminent impact. Furthermore, it also lifts the front of the car by approximately 80mm, reducing the damages of a potential crash.


    The interior, along with standard air bag and restraint systems is fitted with seat bolsters that shift the passengers about 50mm into the centre of the cabin should the car sense that a side impact is about to take place.


    The only problem we see here is that if, God forbid, you have a crash in this you will survive of course, but the cost of replacing all of those airbags can probably cause you heart attack!

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    1. acap says:

      This is great.

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    3. Autos says:

      Good innovation from Mercedes. Really good eco-friendly mobile, which I like much. We should keep the nature and the air, from our car polutions. This is the most important.

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