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    Honda Malaysia has launched a trio of special edition vehicles collectively known as the Concept M models. Named after Honda’s official accessories partners Modulo and Mugen, this new line of vehicles include special editions of the Accord, Civic and Jazz.The Civic 2.0L and Jazz 1.5L feature Mugen kits, while the Accord 2.4L gets rigged with a Modulo kit.Read the full news by Chips Yap from Motortrader below.


    Honda Malaysia has just launched a series of special edition vehicles collectively known as the ‘Concept M’ models. Named after the first letters of Honda’s official accessories partners Modulo and Mugen, these special cars are factory-fitted with their respective accessories and are available only in white.

    According to Rohime Shafie, President/COO of Honda Malaysia, the company is committed to continue to excite and fulfill customers’ demands in line with its goal to achieve Customer Satisfaction No. 1. As such, these Concept M models have been are created to meet customers’ preference and expectations of new and exciting products.

    “An internal survey conducted amongst Honda customers found a good number of them showed a preference for car accessories that add exclusivity and sportiness to their vehicles, especially those manufactured by Mugen and Modulo. With this finding, and in view of the increasing trend of preference for white vehicles in the Malaysian market, we have created a white-coloured fleet of Concept M special edition models to fulfill customers’ demand,” he said.

    The Concept M vehicles comprise the Civic 2.0L and Jazz 1.5L with Mugen kits, and the Accord 2.4L with the Modulo kit.

    The Concept M Civic 2.0L is fitted with Mugen front, rear and side spoilers, rear wings and Enkei wheel rims in a special pewter grey colour, adding to its sporty stylishness. Its spacious interior is further enhanced with grey leather-stitched seats as well as tinted windows. This special edition comes in Taffeta White and is limited to 210 units nationwide with a retail price of RM137,980 each.

    As for the Concept M Accord 2.4L, this features a Modulo front grille, door visor, boot spoiler and illuminated sidesteps. The sporty executive sedan also has grey leather-stitched seats and tinted windows. Available in Taffeta White and limited to 120 units nationwide, it is priced at RM176,800. The car also comes with a Garmin GPS route navigation unit as part of the Concept M package.

    The Concept M Jazz 1.5L gets Mugen’s refined style and is factory-fitted with Mugen’s front aero bumper, side, rear under and wing spoilers, and also has tinted windows which contrast with the Brilliant White Pearl finish. Only 20 units will be offered at a price of RM116,800 each.

    To view the Concept M cars, visit an authorized Honda dealer. For more information, call Honda Malaysia’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or visit www.honda.com.my.

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