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    This is the Arash AF-10, Britain’s newest supercar, from the man who originally created the Farbio (nee Farboud) GTS. That man was Arash Farboud (hence the names)


    The supercar feature a Full carbon and steel frame chassis with steel front and rear crash structures and cradles. The chassis has been designed with kpi angles to achieve sports car feel but supercar presence. All wishbones are double format and have steel tubular structures. All uprights are internally designed to fit AP racing 6 pot carbon ceramic discs and callipers.The body is all carbon fibre with honeycomb and nomex sandwiches to achieve weight reductions and built in stiffness advantages.


    Under the hood, the car is outfitted with the 550 bhp 7.0-liter V8 engine from the Corvette Z06. Connected to a six-speed Graziano transmission (or the optional six-speed sequential gearbox from Zonda F), the AF-10 is expected to hit a top speed of 220 mph.


    A superchargedAF-10S’ model is planned for the near future. This higher performance variant will be powered by a twin supercharged 7.2-liter V8 engine with titanium connecting rods and forged pistons. Expected to boast 1200 bhp and 900 to 1000 lb-ft of torque, the car will likely become one of the fastest production vehicles in the world.


    Specification Of The Car

    Full carbon body.
    Carbon and steel chassis.
    V8 7 Litre GM Engine. Titanium Conrods, dry sump with cooling.
    550bhp at 6000rpm.
    6 speed manual Grazianno transmission.
    19 inch wheel standard 21 inch as per picture option.
    Full leather interior.
    Lift up dihedral doors.
    Full warranty and roadside assistance.
    Full lifetime body warranty.
    0-60 in 3.4 seconds.
    Top speed 204 mph.
    Active front and rear wings.
    Full aero wind tunnel tested aero package with full underfloor aero system.
    Standard sat nav, mp3 player, rear view camera fully integrated touchscreen
    Full air con pack.
    4.4 m long 2m wide.
    Wheel base 2690.

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