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    The argumnet between the Ferrari Chief and FIA Chief had gone from bad to worse with the involvement of Spanish Motorsport Chief.Read the full story from Thestar below.



    MADRID (AP): The head of Spanish motorsport says heavy criticism of Max Mosley by Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo could encourage the FIA president’s thoughts of reversing a decision not to seek re-election.

    Di Montezemolo has threatened the uneasy truce between the Formula One Teams Association and the sport’s ruling body by portraying it as a victory for Ferrari and the seven other outfits, while celebrating the “liberation” from the dictatorship of Mosley.

    But Carlos Gracia, president of Spain ‘s motorsports federation, said it was dangerous to leave Mosley feeling like a wounded animal.

    “What Luca di Montezemolo has done shows a total lack of respect to FIA and the World Council,” Gracia told Onda Cero radio station on Sunday.

    Gracia said portraying the deal that prevented a breakaway series as a victory over Mosley was “dancing on his grave” – words the F1 chief himself had also used to describe Di Montezemolo’s actions.

    “I don’t support Max Mosley to the death, but what I am totally in favor of, to the death, is respect for our institutions,” Gracia said.

    Gracia said the Ferrari boss has severely weakened the sport with his comments.

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if Max Mosley runs for re-election,” Gracia said. “The worst thing you can do is leave an animal badly wounded. What Luca has managed to do is reactivate Max.”

    Gracia also poured scorn on the idea that Mosley had backed Ferrari team principal Jean Todt as his possible replacement as FIA president.

    “Unless Max has gone even more mad I don’t think he’ll back Jean Todt because we all know where he comes from and who he’s linked to,” Gracia said. “You have to weigh up his sports trajectory but let’s see what decision-making capacity he has and what baggage Jean Todt brings.”

    As well as dropping unpopular budget caps from next year, Mosley originally said he would step down as president of FIA after four terms in October – decisions that ushered in a peace deal with the FOTA.

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