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    Featured here is a video of two cars fooling around with each other at some abandoned place. The videos shows amazing driving skill by Ken Block and feature some hillarious scene as well. Hope all of you enjoy the video.

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ48NQjouoE&feature=fvst 425 344]

    A Word on the Impreza Driver:

    The driver in the full scale  Subaru Impreza is Ken Block, a Rally driver and also the founder of DC shoes and the driver in the Mini scale Impreza is a pro skateboarder, Rob Dyrek. With a rally ready Impreza and a mini kart, they messed around on the Tarmac resulting a very skillful yet hillarious video.

    The clip is part of Block’s Gymkhana video series.  The kart was especially built for this series, and is a scale replica of the STi that Block pilots.  Also built specifically for the shoot is the FIA certified fireproof suit that Dyrdek wears, also a match to that used by Block.


    All told, it makes for a fun three minutes, with the best parts being the near-miss between the two vehicles at two minutes in, and the collision a little later on.

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