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    WHICH ONE IS THE BEST FUEL FOR MY CAR? This question is the most popular question when you are first time driving your own car and in choosing a suitable petrol for your car. Basically, it is the matter of petrol ron 97 standard fuel additives in each fuel. Different fuel producer or company produce different type and efficiency of petrol. And here we are going to discuss about which one is better in terms of fuel consumption and performance of your car when using different petrol brand.




    PRIMAX is a new generation petrol for the millennium. It was recently introduced by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad and is designed to give maximum protection and performance for your car. It has 97 octane number, yellow in colour and available in more than 700 PETRONAS Service Stations nationwide.

    Over time your engine develops unwanted deposits around the valves and combustion chamber. Eventually, this greatly reduces the efficiency and power output of your engine, resulting in significant loss of power and an increase in fuel consumption.

    Comprehensive tests reveal that the unique cleaning formulation of PETRONAS PRIMAX 3 starts to work right from the first time you fill it up, ensuring that your engine is always at its most powerful.
    Formulated with unique additive components, PETRONAS PRIMAX 3 efficiently protects your engine against injector fouling and corrosion, restoring your car to its peak performance to improve fuel economy.
    Always on the forefront of technology, PETRONAS PRIMAX 3 comes complete with a unique additive formulation proven to cleanse and re-energise your engine. Clearly, there is nothing more important than letting you experience peak engine performance on demand.



    Shell Super with fuel economy formula has been designed by Shell experts to give you extra mileage.

    Shell has played a leading role in the development of high quality fuels. For over 100 years, we have been supplying quality fuels, and investing in the best people and science in order to drive fuel technology forward.

    Designed for extra miles at no extra cost

    Shell Super with fuel economy formula is specially designed to give you extra miles at no extra cost by helping combat efficiency losses caused by deposits and friction in your engine.

    It contains Shell’s Synthetic Viscous Friction Improver (SVFI), designed to help improve engine efficiency by reducing friction, together with cleaning agents, formulated to prevent the build-up of fuel system deposits.

    Shell Super with fuel economy formula has been designed to reduce engine friction and prevent deposits.

    You lose a significant amount of the energy available in your engine through friction and other sources. Shell’s fuels scientists have explored where these losses take place and have developed fuel formulation strategies to help improve engine combustion efficiency, creating innovative fuel technologies designed to give you extra mileage.

    Shell Super with fuel economy formula has been formulated to address a number of ways the fuel and your engine work together. They have developed strategies to help maximise the amount of chemical energy in the fuel that’s converted to useful work at the wheels, driving you forward.

    Designed for reduced engine friction

    Frictional losses can occur wherever two moving solid surfaces come into contact with each other. In most parts of your engine, friction is minimised by using the appropriate engine lubricant.

    However, the interface between the top piston ring and cylinder wall is very difficult to lubricate effectively. As a consequence this area of your engine remains vulnerable to friction losses.

    Shell Super with fuel economy formula is formulated with Shell’s Synthetic Viscous Friction Improver, designed to reduce friction in this critical part of your engine, helping to improve its efficiency.

    Formulated to help keep your engine clean

    Combustion is most efficient when the precise amount of air and fuel are mixed together at the right time.
    With some conventional fuels, deposits may form over time on the back of the inlet valves. This can lead to delays in the required fuel charge entering the engine and a poor mix of fuel and air, reducing your engine’s efficiency.

    Shell Super with fuel economy formula has been formulated by Shell scientists to help prevent the build-up of these deposits, helping to maintain your engine’s efficiency.




    Finally a fuel worth waiting for! Introducing BHPetrol’s infiniti with Fuel Booster – a high performance 100% synthetic additive – to give you the maximum in fuel economy.

    Fuel Booster works immediately to reduce fuel consumption. From today on, you can start enjoying a new level of unbeatable fuel economy every time you fill up with BHPetrol infiniti, right from the start. And there is no more to claim. Fact is, our Fuel Booster is a highly effective, multipurpose additive component which significantly enhances engine performance, enabling full use of fuel with no wastage, resulting in maximum fuel economy.

    Fuel Booster works immediately to protect your engine and prolong its life. Your engine undergoes the heaviest stress during start-up when parts are cold and there’s little lubrication to buffer moving parts from damaging each other. This is why we developed our Fuel Booster with higher levels of friction modifier to significantly protect engines under all Malaysian driving conditions.

    Fuel Booster works immediately to clean engine parts, and keeps them clean to boost engine performance. This is because our Fuel Booster contains more than typical levels (at least 50% more than normal recommended levels) of active compounds to clean your engine’s entire intake system, control deposit build-up and reduce sludge formation. Clean-up tests conducted on our Fuel Booster show very significant reduction by more than 60%. The end result is improved engine performance and delivery of maximum combustion for every drop of fuel used.

    Fuel Booster works immediately to protect fuel lines and tanks from corrosion. Highly advanced additive compounds guarantee fast water separation in fuel tanks, and have excellent corrosion protection properties to protect pipe lines, tanks and engine metal parts against rust formation very effectively.



    Our fuels are marketed worldwide under the Esso and Mobil brands, providing trusted and high-quality products to consumers all around the world. Our petrol, diesel fuels, LPG, heating oils and kerosene are specially formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the international standards. Our products also benefit from our strong emphasis on product development, creating cost-effective, more efficient and cleaner fuels.

    The synergy fuel system is our signature petrol product offered at all Esso and Mobil service stations nationwide.

    The synergy fuel system, comprising synergy F-1, synergy Regular and synergy Diesel, is a family of fuels, each developed to suit the different needs of our customers.

    Malaysians who own vehicles with high compression ratio engines may opt for synergy F-1, a high-octane premium unleaded petrol (minimum 97 RON).

    synergy F-1 enjoys the advantages of the latest, multifunctional, fully synthetic detergent additive package, which optimises engine performance while reducing emissions to the environment.

    It incorporates a ‘friction modifier’ which reduces friction thus increasing power. It also ensures that engine and emission control systems are kept in top condition. The detergent helps keep the engine intake clean, resulting in cleaner emissions, benefiting both engine performance and the environment.



    All Caltex petrol now contain our technologically-advanced, patented fuel ingredient, Techron®. Harmful deposits will build inside your engine if your petrol does not contain effective deposit-control additives. The best additives not only keep engines clean, they also clean up deposits to help restore original performance. Techron is unsurpassed at cleaning up and keeping clean.

    Techron® contains powerful detergents which remove deposits from fuel injectors intake ports and valves. Unlike less effective additives, Techron® minimizes the contribution of harmful combustion chamber deposits.

    We regularly test competitor fuels, so we know that Caltex with Techron® is unsurpassed in its cleaning power.

    In short, Techron® cleans vital engine parts so that your car can perform at its best.

    The vital engine parts are the intake valve, the fuel injector and the combustion chamber.

    Let’s see what a clean engine means for the motorist.

    There are 5 key benefits, and these are :

    Improved performance
    Enhanced reliability
    Smoother drive
    Restored fuel economy
    Lower emissions


    Thats all briefly about the specialities of each petrol brand in Malaysia. Petronas claims more on performance when using primax 3, Shell claims more extra mileage with Shell super with fuel economy formula, BHPetrol claims they got the best fuel booster and Esso/Mobil concentrate on cleaner fuel with their Synergy F-1.

    But overall, the most popular choices for better fuel economy petrol, many of Malaysians prefer Shell Super and for performance, Petronas is better. But all of the results depends on different cars and engines also your driving style.

    Which one do you prefer and you found out the most fuel economy and better performance? Share your true experience with us here to help others in making decision on which brand of petrol ron97 is the best in Malaysia.

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    74 Responses

    1. jiman says:

      Rase2 stkt nie pkai shell mmg lebih kilometer la…..tapi skrg dh boikot…..lantak situ murah ke hape ke…tamau bli dh shell….boikot….boikot……

    2. Chifu says:

      Caltex..la..ok kot sebab banyak faedah nye..ade 5 plak tu tp sume oil co dok promote same jer…clean engine more milage….kat malaysia nie …kalau ade rewards baru ade yang atract nak datang …setuju tak sume…

    3. iz says:

      Bagi aku la kan, aku da pnah cuba caltex….petronas…. bhp…. mobil..shell…pastu pnah dulu gak rasa projet……antara semua tu..shell yang paling best..memg dpt rasa perbezaannya..bila tekan minyak pun enjin kereta rasa ringan je..yang lain semua rasa biasa je.

    4. kdi says:

      betul3! Shell la setakat ni memang menjadi pilihan ramai pasal lebih penjimatan minyak. Yang lain aku rasa biase jerk. Shell memang banyak beza. Pilihan kedua aku ialah caltex. Kadang2 dah terdesak baru isi caltex. Lepas caltex, Petronas, BHpetrol and last sekali mobil. Sebab dulu aku pakai mobil memang lembab nak mampus kereta tu macam bawak keter berat je. Tukar shell je terus relax bawak kereta.

    5. kej@m says:

      yeke..dlu sy ske campur shell dgn petronas..rse kete lg ringan..tp bile pki shell je atau petronas xde plak rse mcm tu..
      tp skrg nie gne 1 jer…gne petronas je sbb rse lg jimat pki petronas dari shell..

    6. tansri says:

      susah jgk nak ckp minyak mane yg ok.. kecuali kiter betul2 buat statistik..
      lagipon aku rase ade stesen minyak yg xbrape laku tu mabe minyak dia xfresh..2yg xbagus.

      isu ni yg aku terpikir..orang ckp isi minyak tukar2 brand xelok..tapi btol ke..aku pakai hentam je tukar2..so far ok je..

    7. azameel says:

      sape2 yg pakai shell slalu tu, kat bahagian ekzos ade karat x?
      member aku ckp cpat karat, tp aku x pcaye sgt,
      so nk tanye jela pendapat org
      aku pon slalu pakai petronas ngan shell.

    8. kdi says:

      urm..xde karat pon. kalo nak agi best snarnye campur minyak mmg bagus. AKu byk kali gak campur2 minyak ni especially caltex ngan shell. Memang agi power tmbah jimat.

    9. gori says:

      Selalu minyak ni bukan bergantung pada kereta ke. Tak semestinya shell best kat semua kereta.

    10. azameel says:

      aku pon dgr camtu gak
      lain keta lain taste
      bukan manusie je hehe

    11. Niemans says:

      Hi Guys and all you petrol heads!

      For me practicality will prevail. It doesn’t matter which brand you pump it is all the same. Just imagine if you’re loyal to one brand but your fuel tank it hitting rock bottom E and you just MUST have that particular brand of petrol …have you ever tried running out of petrol?

      Now I understand that all the above have friction modifier buildin. I suggest that you LOOK at your engine lubrication first. There is this lube additive called SLICK50 that does all this. It can cling to your engine wall for life (100’000km). costs RM100+-5%. I’ve tried it along Genting stretch. it is amazing. The oil temperature remain constant and even drop for normal town driving. Milleage improves.

      Coming back to this topic. This works for me: cheaper petrol price via promotion by the petrol station eg >RM3O you get gifts of value, NO ‘Q’ please (I don’t go Petronas because the Q is fantastic; why have to fight with the Taxi who is lying in wait for LPG?, good service-attendant filling up/wiping windscreen for you.

      There you have it. About the boikot thingy…just think about it-use your head and not your your the other head!. All our lives we’re intervine with it. A good example is this message that you reading angrily now…isn’t the component made in the USA?!

    12. tansri says:

      eh dengar2 member ckp viva,myvi anvanza bole pakai minyk ron92..
      ade effect ke pakai..
      kalo ikut ape yg aku bace plak mmg lagi bagus pakai ron92 kao enjin tune utk mnyk 92..
      tapi still taku jgk..hehe

    13. Syed says:

      aku dah pakai Shell n petronas kat dua-dua kete aku Gen 2 aku paki shell n waja bini aku paki petronas keduanya enjen campro 1.6..
      aku rasa shell lebih jimat tetapi petronas lebih lancar..entah la tu cuma pendapat aku la..

    14. Hairee says:

      From my opinion , all petrol brand is same . it depend on how your drive . the harder you press your paddle , the higher your fuel consumption you get. i have tried almost all petrol brand , but the result is same . dont know why . Currently i am using Petronas .

    15. stewpid says:

      salah… hello bro semua..tak sumua brand petrol sama ler… bahan campuran memang lain2. ikut exp aku…
      paling bagus fc=bhp
      paling banyak sulfur (ekzos berkeladak)=petronas
      paling power=shell vpower (sama cam premium kat s’pore je)
      paling lembap=mobil
      paling cepat habis=petronas (cepat meruap)

      kalo tak setuju cakap aku boleh discuss kat sini…

    16. hairee says:

      yeke bro ….. ko ada fact ker ? tapi yg aku tau kalau ko bawak laju , nak save kejadah ape nye

      bagi la info sket …..


    17. stewpid says:

      ada laa fact bro… dah ditunjukkan semenjak di simposium ke-4 Asian Petroleum Technology lagi..
      x baca paultan ker? dah berkurun dah kat sini…

      cuma kita sebg public x tau mana satu entiti a,b, c, etc….
      kalo kita tau ada la kompeni minyak yg tak laku sales dia….

      pas ni lepas raya haji tahun ni nak turunkan RON gred pulak jadik 95, yg pakai P2, toyo, dll syok ler psl takde beza performance, sapa yg pakai enjin lama @ p1 laa kureng perform sket psl design enjin utk pkai ron 96~97 ….

    18. Baron says:

      bagi aku la … paling best BHP, lepas tu Petronas, Caltex, Esso..kalau terdesak baru pakai Shell.kalau nak compare Shell dgn Petronas, Petronas lagi jimat dan kete ade lebih pickup.setakat nak tekan ke rpm 7500 tu ringan.kalau Shell, mmg lembab gile..kete jadi berat, enjin jadi bising dan minyak cepat habis.

    19. erm says:

      dulu aku gune petronas, keta myvi…ok la..tp bile da tukar keje..than rumah jauh lak dr tempat keje, rase mcm larap je minyak..so try la bbrp jenis brand. petronas, shel, esso,mobil..aku mmg sukat betul2….xde campur minyak….hasilnye..shell dpt p jauh sket…pas2 kl esso n mobil lembab sket….petronas..biase je…so..skrg aku guna shell.tp bg aku..tpulng pd individu ar n keta yg kt gunekan, pjalanan..mcm aku mmg hari2 jalan jauh..p keje sejam br smpai opis..balik lak sejam lag..mcm tu la ari2..bygkan la..minyak..huh..nsb baik..bleh claim..

    20. Niemans says:

      I’ve tested mixing the following petrol (not on purpose) and found astounding results. They says power and fuel frugality doesn’t go hand in hand. But in this particular case it does.

      Shell V-Power RM20
      Petronas RM30
      BHP RM30

      Now you guys must be asking where in hell can I get all the 3 petrol station in succession? The answer is along the Batu Caves/Karak highway. Shell and Petronas before the Karak Toll and BHP after the toll. For all you guys who ‘balik kampung’ to east coast why not try it?

    21. labuperam says:

      Bagi aku yg pakai keta yg dh lbh 15 thn ni petronaslh yg slalu bg problem kt enjin aku. Enjin knocking dh tu x power langsung. Kedarah minyak. Apa petrol ni utk keta2 yg baru aje ker? Diskriminasi btl. My favourite is caltex then shell then esso or bhp. Petronas? Nak ckp aku x patriotik pn lantak korang la. Klu keta rosak saper yg nak tanggung.

    22. Niemans says:

      When a car experience engine knocking and underpower (semput) it has nothing to do with the type of petrol you’re using. The closest problem associated with what you’re having is:

      1. Engine chamber is dirty/carbon deposits. Need cleaning via cleaning solutions or better still if you have the budget a top overhaul
      2. You’re using the wrong type of spark plugs
      3. Timing advance is incorrectly set.

      Other self checking
      1. Check plug cable for breakage and distributor cap housing integrity
      2. Check air filter element and replace as necessary
      3. Check plug-look at it-is it wet/black carbon deposits?

      Finally, please get a mechanic to look at it before major problem sets in.

    23. rambo6063 says:

      Lu PKPK lah sendiri pasal minyak…mane yg agk baik utk ko org jalan aje…Klu tak abil sampel smua bwk gi lab/ Smua myk same maaa..Klu lu tya owner minyak masing…smua mereka kata dia punya save,powerlah DLL…so PKPK le sdiri..(Ini saye kata)

    24. nasiLemakSubsidi says:

      bg aku la kan…klo nk long distance shell ok..
      + rm 8.90 dpt ferari wei..fuyoh
      but aku still ‘sponsor’ national brand…kasi korang j/raya baru la..G tax
      benefit blik kt kite gak..
      lol…petronas sponsor fiat yamaha tuuu

    25. mr.eims says:

      aku guna BHP. rasanya paling best dari segi power dan FC.
      cuma BHP ni kurang la stesen minyak dia.

      aku tak guna shell lama dah, 1st of all, boikot la wei..korang akan rs lg senang hati bila korang tau korang tak sokong kekejaman dunia.hehe..

      sumtime guna petronas.. ok la.. petronas bg aku not bad.. ada jugak rasa nak tuka ke petronas 100%, sapot la brand negara malaysia..heheh..

      aku suka kumpul poin, BHP e-card best, petronas real reward pn ok. hohoh..

    26. ducati996 says:

      salam semua,
      dari pengalam saya yg menunggang ducati ni sejak tahun 2000 lagi dan punyai sebuah kereta honda accord saya rasa shell dari segi prestasi memang ada dan petronas tempat kedua dan caltex tempat ketiga.
      saya menguji dengan cara jarak jauh apabila balik kampung perlis.
      memang menjimatkan,bukan prosi tapi fakta…

      terima kasih

    27. rays_enginerg says:


      So far aku rasa aku pakai esso/exxonmobil terjimat kot…..seingat aku dulu masa aku pakai supercharger, aku isi full tank dalam 70 ringgit (50 liter), dia boleh pegi lebih kurang 600km untuk cruising, itu pun aku bedal 180-200km/h, kalau on town usage dapat la dalam 500km. Now aku pakai wira standard 2002 auto dengan rim 16, isi full tank dalam 70 ringgit boleh pegi dalam 450km itu pun pakai ron92. kalo aku pakai brand lain tak dapat that milage. apa pun kalau terdesak pun bedal je minyak apa pun. Lagi satu minyak ni subject jugak. korang suma kena tgk type of wheels yang korang pakai (esp kereta lah). kalau pakai sport rim tuh for sure minyak dah jadik lain so korang kena measure la sendiri. angin tayar pun kalau kurang boleh menyebabkan penggunaan minyak yang lebih, bunga tayar kalau dah nak botak pun boleh menguatkan lagi penggunaan minyak…. banyak factor yang membantu…. itu semua pandangan saya lah… bukan nak promo mana mana kampeni. hah lagi satu korang perasan tak kalau isi minyak aku suka kat tempat yang dia punya pump tuh slow…. kalau laju banyak angin je keluar…. minyak jadik lebih….. and mostly shell banyak petrol station dia yang pump dia slow…. thats why dia dapat kilometer lebih…. sebab minyak pump masuk lebih…. tapi aku tetap pakai esso…..

    28. anGeL says:

      bro rays_enginerg, same lar…aku pun baru jinak2 pakai esso…mmg betul jimat compared tu shell & BhP.petronas aku x pnah gune….
      dulu aku plggan setia shell & BhP…shell x jimat lar.minyak cpt habis…
      dh jumpe esso/mobil,mmg jimat….skang ni trus pakai mobil/esso

    29. Daniel says:

      I berulang-alik KL-Jhr-KL setiap hujung minggu…ni I punya statistik bila jalan highway.
      Kereta: Saga 1.3 Campro
      Course: Highway (110-120km/h)
      Time: Malam (udara sejuk sikit)
      Shell Super: 0.06 Lit/km
      Esso Syn F1: 0.06 Lit/km
      Esso Syn Reg: 0.064 Lit/km
      Petronas: 0.063 Lit/km

      I pernah mantain 100km/h (engine dlm 3100rpm) boleh dapat 0.05 Lit/km guna minyak Esso Syn F1.

      Bila Jalan Town I tak berani kasi statistik (biapun I ada rekod) pasal keadaan jalan yang berbeza-beza (trafik, suhu dll)

    30. PuteraTMJ says:

      Sorry lah kpada penguna Petronas…Beta yg dulu mmg setia pada Ptronas pastu skrg ni Beta pki Shell…mmg Shell lebih pecut, lebih jimat dan engine lebih syap lebih2 lg kamu pki jenis V-Power mmg ada ummp…selamat tinggal Petronas….

    31. ain says:

      salam…i just baca jer komen u all..cz i nie tak tau sgt bab keta…tau guna keta jer
      nak cari info..thanx laaa…wslm

    32. ain ira says:

      salam,…dapat gak info nie

    33. kej@m says:

      sbnrnye ssh nk ckp psl jenis minyak nie…setiap compny yg kuarkan myk tu, ade cmpuran die sendiri…ssh nk kaji bende² subjective nie…
      byk faktor nk kene ambil tahu…tayar(klau kurg angin, ringtangan dh bertambah),suhu kawasan sekitar(klau panas minyak akn cpt meruap), angin utk rintangan dan mcm² lg la..

      –> agaknye la..


    34. Lovellandra says:

      kepada rays_enginerg a dua ya… bro..pump minyak mana bole ada angin yg masuk… MELETUP beb… kereta kita panas, pastu Minyak masuk, pas2 angin?!!! tau tak apa jd klu ke3 3 unsur ni bertemu… waaa…mana kmu dgr pasal masuk angin ni..tak bole tak bole.. lg 1, pump slow or laju tak da kaitan la..semua tetap diukur guna litler. info biar tepat bro..bukan apa..biar org awan dpt info yg btl.
      ok. blik pada tjuk utama pula..bg i shell lbi millege dan petronas lbi perform..terutamanya krita baru ataupun yg mahal2. mcm iklan petronas tu sendiri la, asyik2 BMW yg p isik minyak, pena tak kamu npak kancil p isik minyak..takdo pula kn.
      apa2 pun semua minyak bagus beb. don’t worry..semua tu engineer hebat2 yg cipta. petronas dapatkn khidmat dr engineer shell tau tak. mcm loji2 petronas, mana ada org tempatan yg cipta,semua org luar beb,yg dah maju kedepan berbanding kita (malaysia).
      bukan nak kata shell,esso,petronas dll mana 1 yg bgus, cuma i nak ingatkan yg semua minyak sama beb. lebih kurang beza plus minus 0.02% je.semuanya dtg dr Reformat gas+MTBE+Addictive= gasoline yg nama glamornya petrol. semuany dicipta untuk gerakn kreta,mana lebi baik, i rsa semuanya menghasilkan CARBON. so setakat ni blum ada lg yg btl2 bgus,tungulah 20thn lg kot.

      I tahu,sbab i da kerja oil n gas industri 21thn.

    35. kej@m says:

      waa…lovellandra keje kt cmpny ape…ade kosong x..hehe…kite same line la…

    36. Lily says:

      Ly rsa shell lbh kilometer,wt msa ni ly pelanggan shell,ops bkn ly tp kreta ly..kalo terdesak baru petronas.Caltex pnh ar skali isi,e2 pun meter kreta lampu dah lm liplap2.Kalo nk gak cr shell or petronas x pasai kne tolak kreta.Oh,Tidak!

    37. tokjanggut says:

      sye baru je tukar jenama kete x4 all Msian made now Chavy ( sorry American car)All the while I’m using BHP b4 that Shell.But the mechanic give
      adv Caltex/Esso Mobil good for the engine.Tak tau la whicho one is gud.Nak tanya kat lovellandra experience 21yrs in oil n gas industry.For imported car engine which oil is good .Give some tip la sikit.

    38. kenoi says:

      aku keje kat stesen minyak shell hampir 6 tahun.
      semua petrol drpd paip yg sama.cuma memasing ada bahan campuran untuk performance.
      v-power tu mahal sebab bahan campuran tuh formula dia yg terbaik utk prestasi+penjimatan.
      primax-3 adalah petrol terbaik petronas dan hampir² sama performence shell (but not v-power!)
      harus diingatkan, prestasi petrol berbeza berdasarkan keadaan tank bawah tanah stesen terbabit.bagi stesen yg dah 10 tahun ke atas sudah pasti serdak/habuk dah melambak kt dsr tank tuh.then dipam masuk dlm tank kete anda!!so ingatlah:
      1. jangan isi minyak selepas jam 9 pagi (ketika matahari terik) sebab kebanyakan wap je masuk dlm tank anda!-elok isi lepas 9 malam.
      2. jangan isi minyak ketika lori tank tengah loading ke tank bawah tanah.serdak/habuk naik dan dipam ke dalam kete anda!!(walau pun pump tuh ada penapis…)
      3. lebih baik isi petrol di stesen-stesen yg BARU dibuka…tank dorang BERSIH lagik!!…after 5 years dah keladak tuh..
      camne pun aku support petronas sebab petronas 1-1nya syarikat petroleum Islam dan kebanggaan negara.petronas gak yg byr cukai berbilion ringgit utk buat kemudahan utk kita sume….yeah! just my 2 cent!!

    39. Aku guna Esso..tapi lps ni nak test BHP lak..apa2 pun kene cari petrol pump yang baru buka…tangki minyak tak byk keladak…

    40. cikgu sc says:

      kita kongsi bersama fakta ini

      sebenarnya minyak ini sama aje…kita cuma terpengaruh dengan iklan sahaja…………………harga dia sama so performance dia mesti sama yang membezakan minyak adalan nilai oktane….dan semua syarikat minyak pakai oktane number yang sama…..RON 97 atau 92…so kita pakai ron 97(harga1.80) beli kat mana2 pun sama aje….cam kalau kita beli sabun harga yang sama kuality mesti sama…..yang beza dari segi hadiah2 percuma yang dia orag nk bagi…tu ajeeeeee…i kumpul point mobil…nanti ble tukat gan minyak…

    41. Speedracer says:

      jangan percaya kepada stesen-stesen minyak petronas kerana kebanyakkan ownernya adalah kaum cina sedangkan stesen-stesen shell diseluruh malaysia dimilikki oleh orang melayu….


    42. liquid says:

      speedracer….jgn racist…ler….sekarang kita gi kat servis yang terbaik…..tu silap melayu jugak…

    43. Speedracer says:

      kalau u g mana-mana stesen petronas , cuba tanya siapakah owner stesen itu…

      dan rata-rata saya pergi seluruh stesen minyak shell di Malaysia, 90% ownernya adalah melayu..dan di johor bahru sahaja , kalau ada 15 stesen petronas , hanya 6 org sahaja owner melayu..kalau tak percaya , pergilah stesen petronas Jalan Pasir Gudang di KM5 ( exit dari Kempas ),jalan kota tinggi ~johor bahru,taman daya JPJ,taman moleh dan mana-mana stesen petronas ,nama sahaja syarikat melayu tapi ownernya adalah org cina….

      so, saya tidaklah sokong sepenuhnya produk petronas ( termasuk minyak injin ) kerana apa yang saya tahu dari informasi-informasi yang boleh dipercayai,minyaknya adalah dari gred terakhir minyak petrol..kerana minyak petrol petronas cepat membina mendapan karbon pada omboh2 piston kereta dalam masa 2 tahun penggunaannya.kalau tidak percaya … cubalah….

      kenapa dalam siri formula 1 , tak pernah pun Sauber Petronas menang dalam perlumbaan… ( minyak injin + petrol ) kurang berkualiti ?

    44. Niemans says:

      Recently the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister announced that by Sept 1 the Govt will introduce RON95 in the market and RON97 petrol would join the league of other premium petrol products available in the market.

      This will open a new ball game altogether and what is relevent for discussion now, won’t be in the near future.

      Hopefully forum contributors like kdi or azameel or iz can enlighten us with their informative topic in RON95 vs RON97 soon, and which brand is better?

    45. bob says:

      Apa minyak semua sama saja, yg additive je lain2.
      yg penting bila meter minyak ‘E’ isi saja apa yg jumpa. jgn sadai tepi jalan udah.

    46. speedracer says:

      biasalah tu tanpa memikirkan ‘ long term ‘ effect

    47. Niemans says:

      To speedracer, I like to debunk some facts about BMW Sauber you’ve mentioned. I hope you read it.

      In F1, there are many variables a team have to consider and I can assured you that ‘minyak injin+petrol’ is the least problem they have to worry.

      Among the variable are:
      Engines, Transmission, Aerodynamics, Steering Wheels, Tyres, Brakes, Forward acceleration and deceleration performance, Turning acceleration, Top speeds, FIA Rulings, Drivers, Team morale, Race Environment, Car Electronics, Race Strategies, R&D, off seasons testing, etc.

      About Race Fuel
      The fuel used in F1 cars is fairly similar to ordinary gasoline, albeit with a far more tightly controlled mix. Formula One fuel can only contain compounds that are found in commercial gasoline, in contrast to alcohol-based fuels used in American open-wheel racing. Blends are tuned for maximum performance in given weather conditions or different circuits. During the period when teams were limited to a specific volume of fuel during a race, exotic high-density fuel blends were used which were actually heavier than water, since the energy content of a fuel depends on its mass density.

      To make sure that the teams and fuel suppliers are not violating the fuel regulations, the FIA requires Elf, Shell, Mobil, and the other fuel teams to submit a sample of the fuel they are providing for a race. At any time, FIA inspectors can request a sample from the fueling rig to compare the “fingerprint” of what is in the car during the race with what was submitted.

      Therefore, fuel or ‘petrol’ is not the issue. Neither are the lubricants.

      Among notable Sauber drivers are:
      Felipe Massa
      Kimi Räikkönen
      Jean Alesi
      Johnny Herbert
      Jacques Villeneuve

      These are the highlights of events from 2000-2009:

      Current season 2009
      BMW Sauber was on the podium 2nd spot in Malaysian race driven by Nick Heidfeld-have you watch the race? And current constructor standings at 6th place, one better than Ferrari at 7th place.

      Radical F1.08 proves highly effective, powering Robert Kubica to the team’s first win in Canada and turning them into genuine title contenders, with podiums at nine other races. Late-season developments less effective, but still finish third with an impressive 135 points.

      From the outset occupy the ‘best of the rest’ slot behind Ferrari and McLaren, scoring in all 17 races, including two podiums. Heidfeld proves the dominant driver, but despite a brutal accident in Canada, Kubica also records several strong finishes.

      Fifth in standings in first campaign under BMW control, despite early reliability problems. Part company with Jacques Villeneuve mid season, replacement Robert Kubica scoring Italian podium, matching team mate Nick Heidfeld’s Hungarian result.

      In June, Peter Sauber announces he is to step down as team principal after negotatiating takeover by BMW for 2006.

      Major wind tunnel investment pays off handsomely with impressively consistent season. Score points in 12 races to finish a lonely sixth in the constructors’ table. Sign former champion Jacques Villeneuve for 2005

      Difficult season, with points at only five (mostly wet) races. Best result Indianapolis, with Heinz-Harald Frentzen third, Nick Heidfeld fifth. Also sees team lead a Grand Prix for first time. Both drivers dropped for ’04. Sixth in constructors’ championship.

      Eleven points is enough to give team fifth place in the constructors’ championship. The best result of the season is fourth and fifth in the Spanish Grand Prix.

      The team’s best ever season with fourth place in the constructors’ championship.

      Finish eighth in the constructors’ championship with only six points. The highest finishes are two fifth places in Germany and Monaco. Both cars withdrawn from the Brazilian Grand Prix after spectacular rear wing failures.

    48. mushpop says:

      apa yg sy dgr dr org yg keje kat depot simpanan myk.. shell ngan petronas saling membantu….tanker shell abis myk shell isi petronas punya and vice versa…apa macam??? mau banding2 myk lagi ke?? sama je…xyah nk bertekak myk sapa bagus..nak bagus pakai v-power. yg betul2 import myk BHP.

    49. silent killer says:

      nie pengalaman aku..bg aku kat m,sia nie 3 petrol terbaik… petronas.shell,caltex…
      tp setelah aku wat kajian persendirian antara tiga petrol tu mmg tak nafi PETRONAS paling bersih n terrrrrrrbaek.

    50. speedracer says:

      last time , i pergi Perak , pakai Petronas on my BMW 328i , fuel expenses dalam RM150.00 for one way trip from JB x 2 means RM300.00 but since i pakai Shell Super , i can save for about RM45.00 on each trip with same speed means RM105.00 per trip.Thanks to Shell and selamat tinggal Petronas..

    51. Eder says:

      x tau nk komen pe……pakai r minyak gas…gerenti de p’bezaannye….huhu

    52. Pesal says:

      aku pakai dua jenis minyak jer.. shell biasa atau shell v-power..
      dulu pakai motor, merempit.. selalu isi bhp.. last2 try shell hijau.. sedap giler memecut..
      esoknye try shell vpower, pergh.. gear satu, dua, tiga, pickup mencanak terpacak2..
      pastu aku ni plak dulu rajin service karburator dgn top overhaul motor aku, masa pakai bhp
      kerbon tebal cam kerak nasi tu.. pas tukar shell, karbon cam habuk2 atas meja je..

      ade pomen bagi tahu, kalau mau enjin dgn carburator atau injection tu bersih, isi lah sekali shell vpower full tank dalam seminggu.. pastu pakai balik shell hijau, dia bgth kalau pakai vpower ni macam mencuci lar kiranya..

      lagi satu sebab aku pakai shell ni, sebab aku ade card bonuslink.. (^_^)

    53. Eder says:

      minyak shell rase mcm de power ckit…….
      sblm ni pakai petronas…..top speed rse mcm krng je…..dpt 160 km/j je…..
      gune shell dpt pegi 180 km/h……x tau sbb minyk ke sbb pe…..

    54. Shaque says:

      ExxonMobil paling baik…

    55. Lily says:

      Sm la aku isi shell cz ade kad bonuslink.Hehe..
      Pastu duk msuk peraduan 30k tiap mggu,tp xpnh dpt pun..:-(

    56. Baron says:

      nak jimat pakai BHP atau Caltex.aku dari seri kembangan ke sg petani, dua2 minyak nih aku try dlm jarak 400km, isi rm45 jer. dulu pakai shell rm60-70 mentedarah minyak.kalau nak power , petronas lah plg best. setakat nak spi 200++km/h@nak tekan rpm spi 8000 rpm tu mmg sng2 jer. shell semput skt..nak spi 180km/h pun tercungap.( shell v power lain cite la.harga pun dah tak sama).

    57. mel says:

      aku rase lah
      lain keta lain keinginan die nih
      keta aku pakai mane2 pon kuat makan minyak

    58. gen2 lama says:

      aku ulang alik kl-jhr hampir setiap minggu….dulu isi minyak apa jer….sama jer la ….shell ke petronas ke campur ke…..variable lain kena tengok gak…klau minggu ni guna shell tapi barang 2 bawak balik kg kurang…lebih la kilometer…minggu depan plak pakai petronas…kebetulan kena bawak barang extra dari minggu sebelum…confrm la kurang skit km…mcm aku…kadang2 angkut baju2 kotor bawak balik kg (basuh kat kg)…sometimes baju2 kering, sometimes wife tak sempat basuh tapi aku sibuk nak balik kg cepat…angkut je la baju2 basah tu…confrm la berat beza..so minyak pun beza…alah tak banyak beza pun…

      tu semua dulu…..sekarang ni (dekat 2 tahun) pakai alternative yg ‘bersih’ engine pun lebih berssih…kurang carbon..paling tinggi RON…jimat? lebih kilometer? 80% lebih jimat, lebih kilometer……yg pasti cuma dapat kat PETRONAS je …tak kira la cina ke melayu ke owner dia…yg penting isi RM9.00 dari UPM sampai stesen NGV air hitam……jimat giler…

      apa lagi jom NGV……save the earth (sementara NGV masih murah)….

    59. Pesal says:

      Sape ade pengalaman gune Shell biasa dgn Shell VPower..
      die nyer fc per km, dgn power dier… dulu pakai kat motor jer.. nak pakai kat kereta takut tak berbaloi plak, mahal sgt ar..

    60. lovellandra says:

      hi.kt bjmpa lg..kpd tokjangut..sori lmbt reply.i bru je balik dr outstation kat Iran.
      wa.wa.smakin hangat crita minyak mana plg best ye..ok la..kpd tokjangut..bg krita mahal2 ni..minyak shell tau pun petronas lbi kurang je..u nak jimat,u g la shell.bab Diorg gna system penjimatan.mnakala petronas pl lbi pada prestasi engin.sbenarnya sma je..promosi je yg berlainan.terpulang pada pguna nak pli mana 1..i suka bandingkan antara petronas n shell.bab 2 syarikat ni adalah yg laku skali kat malaaysia..
      i sngat kecewa skali pada speedracer..knapa bangkitkan org melayu dan org cina pula ni bro..rilex ah..kt 1malaysia skrg ni.hidup barbilang kaum sejak nenek moyang kt lg.kaum tak bersala dlm hal ni. melayu rakyat tercinta malaysia,tanpa melayu takda la malaysia.cina adalah pengerak ekonomi kt bro.
      tujuan forum ni adalah unt beri maklumat dan tips untk pembaca,bknnya menghalang mereka drpad ke stesen2 minyak tertentu.

      pasal simpanan petrol(tank) kat bwah stesen2 minyak tu pla..tahu tak apa wap itu sbenarnya? wap itu adalah “vapour”.smua minyak mghasilkan vapour.thasil apabila tahap didih brlaku pada suhu melebihi takat didih minyak tersebut.vapour ni prlu dpisahkan agar tangki xda menerima tekanan tinggi(setiap tangki ada “design pressure” nya yg tersendiri).sbab itu la smua loji2 mempunyai “flare” (Dandang) yg membakar semua lebihan atau vapour dr tangki2 simpanan. stesen minyak tak wujud “flare” sbab vapour adala terkawal..ianya disimpan dbawa tanah kerana tujuan tersebut. bumi merupakan penebat terbaik dan murah..sepanas mana pun matahari,tanah tetap lembab dan sejuk(lainla pula klu kat padang pasir). cuba la kalian korek tanah kat belakang rumah sedalam hanya dua kaki pada matahari terik.

      hanya sedikit vapour yg masuk kdlm kenderaan,vapour tersebut kluar ke atmosfera sjurus sblum kmu tutup penutup tangki minyak kenderaan.

      apa2 pun.petronas msi brgantung pada teknologi luar.plant2(loji) petronas is made from other country.(malaysia msi jauh ketingalan) pada thun 1961 diorg da ke angkasa lepas.meraka tlah menemui kaedah penghasilan minyak 20thn sbelum itu.bayangkan pula pda masa kini(2009)..so. petronas , shell, bhp, caltek. dll semuanya sama dr segi teknologi tp beza dri segi quality (semuanya bisnez bro)fkir la sendiri. kta cuma tahu mengunakanya sja..yg lain2 tu “mereka” saja yg tahu…

    61. speedracer says:

      Setelah pergi dan survey seluruh stesen minyak di Johor Bahru , minyak RON95 dengan harga RM1.75 boleh didapati di semua stesen minyak Shell di Johor Bahru….Buat masa ini , Petronas masih belum menjalankan operasi RON 95 mereka.

      Kepada semua pengguna kenderaan , minyak RON95 sama sahaja dengan kualiti RON97. Terinma kasih kepada kerajaan Malaysia kerana di Hari Raya kelak , dapatlah semua pengguna dapat balik kampung degan kos minyak yg rendah…

    62. Baron says:

      skali kene kelentong dgn najib…tup tup harga minyak RON95 tu sama jer dgn RON97 sblm ni.takde la nak beraya dgn myk yg lg murah.
      sume org ditipu.1 Malaysia tertipu.Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian tak ke mana, kroni makan sume..kakakaka

    63. bob says:

      aku tak kira apa brand. yg penting kumpul rewards point, sekarang rajin isi esso/mobil sbb points bole tukar dgn minyak masak , beras. lain kali mana ada bagus point utk exchange aku brand lain lak. Petronas dah ada contest, tapi mcm susah nak percaya aku blh dpt kete atau cash. baik isi yg mcm esso janji dpt hadiah. bonuslink pun dah tak best.Aku guna petrol sebulan lbih kurang rm500.

    64. eJiM says:

      petronas mesra kad pon boleh redeem minyak kan?

    65. comment says:

      aku follow…
      isi minyak kat Esso + Mobil lagi terang2 RM1 = 1 point
      Cukup point dapat redeem beras, milo, minyak petrol…telus
      Kalau stesen minyak yang buat peraduan ni…x menyeluruh hanya gimik je yang lebih…kalau dapat pun seorg dua je..

    66. mira says:

      erm, panas jugak issue nih..
      thanks 2 lovellandra for the info…. ape pun sokong statement :
      “dll semuanya sama dr segi teknologi tp beza dri segi quality (semuanya bisnez bro)fkir la sendiri. kta cuma tahu mengunakanya sja..yg lain2 tu “mereka” saja yg tahu…” (bila dah masuk bisnes field, profit is more important than other..)
      klau x de profit cam ne nak develop company kan?

      sbb 2 setiap company ada misi & moto yg tersendiri…
      every consumer have their own needs..
      so, jadilah pengguna yg bijak…
      pilih ikut keperluan sendiri, bkn org lain…
      klau suka performance go to petronas,
      if want for more milage – shell n so on…
      dah terang2 diorg advertise mcm 2..
      fikir2 la, n tanya2 la hati…
      pas tu poket pun kena check gak… huhuuhu…

    67. lovellandra says:

      thank to you Mira…anyway, life is better without fuel..hopefully, human can create water as our fuel. earth will be happy on that..hehe

    68. mira says:

      hi lovellandra,
      agree wit you, coz fuel give more pollution to our earth, need someone to boost the idea…

    69. mama@muda says:

      nak tanya..
      kalo rumah kita sebelah jer ngan 1 stesen minyak yg dikenali ramai kira tersohor la,patutka kita pi cari stesen minyak lain yg jauhnya berbelas km….
      ..yg claim mcm2

    70. 921 says:

      bkn nk promote.. the fact is PETRONAS la the best beb.. aku keje gomen..

    71. teman8778 says:

      ha ha ha.. ini baru betul punya komen. nak jimat tapi kena pegi stesyen yang jauh sedangkan yang stesyen minyak yang dekat ada di sebelah rumah..
      jsaya yang selalu guna route Bukit Raja ke Sungai Petani menggunakan PLUS lebih selesa guna petronas.
      Dari segi jimat atau tidak berbanding jenama lain, saya tak pernah ambil pusing sbb enjin 2,400cc bersama muatan 6 dewasa dan 2 kanak-kanak manakala average speed 130-140km/h.
      Pernah kira l/k 23sen/km tapi kalau bawak 110-115km/h l/k 17sen/km.

    72. fuad says:

      jgn isi minyak petronas.fc sgt tinggi.minyak shell lagi bagus.lagi satu,ada setengah stesen tu campur je tangki ron 97 dan ron 95.jadik buat ape pg kat pam 97 yg harganya mahal,baik kita isi kat pam ron95.harga murah kerananya isinya tetap sama…tangki diorang campur je.

    73. kdi says:


      mane tau minyak 95 & 97 campur tank? salah tu.. tank tu totally separate. kenapa die nak campur pulak kan.

      bukan semua kereta akan jimat kalo guna shell. ade certain model yg akan jimat kalau guna petronas. ada faktor lain seperti penggunaan jenama minyak enjin.

    74. Baron says:


      saya 100% agree. sy guna myk shell kat 2 kete saya dan 1 motor saya.mmg ternyata minyak shell paling tak jimat.
      selain menyebabkan bunyi enjin yang kasar berbanding guna petronas. petronas dgn jumlah yg sama, saya boleh
      dapat extra sehari dari Shell. Kesimpulannye Shell tak jimat pun.

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