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     Below we are going to share the detail news about “REAR SEAT BELTS NOT YET AVAILABLE IN TAWAU” from bernama.


    TAWAU, Dec 30 (Bernama) — Many owners of private vehicles here, especially locally made vehicles that are not equipped with rear seat belts, fear that they will be issued summonses starting Jan 1, 2009.

    Those met claimed that it was not because they did not want to install their vehicles with rear seat belts, but the facility was not available at car service centres in Tawau.

    “I asked a Perodua service centre but was told that the rear seat belts have not arrived in Tawau,” Ajak Binjin, 58, told Bernama, here Tuesday.

    Ajak, a Felda settler in Kalabakan, said he was disappointed after driving more than 60km to find out that he could not install rear seat belts for his car.

    He said when they enquired when the seat belts would arrive, they were told to be patient and wait for the announcement in newspapers, television and radio.

    He said failure to install rear seat belts before Jan 1 will make it difficult for them to carry rear passengers.

    Nuqman Aliyudin, 34, a fisherman from Indra Sabah, said he had gone to a local car service centre here three times to get the rear set belts fixed in his car, but received the same answer each time.

    He said he was worried that the enforcement officers and the Road Transport Department would not accept the reasons given for the absence of rear seat belts in his car.

    “I urge those involved to announce when the seat belts will be available in Tawau so vehicle owners can get it installed,” said Nuqman.

    Meanwhile, a spokesman of a local car service centre, here, when met said that rear seat belts had already arrived in service centres in Kota Kinabalu but not yet in Tawau.

    The vehicle owners concerned, however, should not be unduly worried as the Director-General of Road Transport, Datuk Solah Mat Hassan, was quoted in the press on Sunday as saying that vehicles without rear seat belts registered after Jan 1, 1995 had three years to get their vehicles retrofitted with the safety feature.


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