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    Proton Holdings Bhd yesterday launched the Proton Saga SE and Proton Exora MT in Labis  yesterday.Read the full news from Proton Press release below.


    PROTON Holdings Berhad unveiled the Saga SE (Special Edition) and the EXORA 1.6 MT (Manual Transmission) at the Hari Peneroka 2009 held at FELDA Maokil here today. The two cars, along with the Satria Neo Super 2000 Rally Car developed by UK-based motorsport preparation company Mellors Elliot Motorsport (MEM), were unveiled by the Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak who was here to officiate the Hari Peneroka FELDA.

    The unveiling of the cars, held in conjunction of Hari Peneroka 2009 celebration, was PROTON’s first product soft launch held at a venue outside Kuala Lumpur.

    PROTON Holdings Berhad Chairman, Dato’ Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh said, “The move to unveil the cars here at the Hari Peneroka 2009 is in line with the Prime Minister’s “One Malaysia” call for equity amongst all Malaysian citizens. It coincides with PROTON’s aspiration as a national car maker to be close to the people regardless of race, religion, economic standing and status.”

    The Saga SE, a premium and sporty variant to the existing Saga, is targeted for youngsters who want to be different. The car, which comes in two exclusive colours – brilliant red and solid white, is handsomely dressed up with stylish black finishing roof top and front grille, new front and side skirting, rear lip spoilers, rear skirting with black diffuser as well as new alloy rim design. On the interior, the Saga SE boasts new interior finishing complete with leather seats and door trims with matching leather-wrapped steering wheel, pearl white meter panel finishing, dark chrome air-cond vents and fitted with CD player with MP3 capability. The Saga SE is estimated to be sold at RM43,000 for manual transmission and RM45,500 for automatic transmission.

    The EXORA 1.6 MT (Manual Transmission) on the other hand, is the much awaited manual transmission version of the country’s first homegrown MPV. On the road, the EXORA 1.6 MT will be priced at RM64,998 (metallic) and at RM64,548 (solid) with insurance coverage.

    PROTON Holdings Berhad Managing Director, Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said, “Both the new models unveiled today are now officially open for booking, with RM500 for the Saga SE and RM1,000 for the EXORA MT. The two models will only however be available for sale at all Proton Edar and EON showrooms on 15 August onwards for the Saga SE and on 16 July onwards for the EXORA MT.”

    The third car that was unveiled, the Satria Neo Super 2000 Rally Car, was earlier launched at the Proton Cars UK headquarters in Bristol, London in July last year. The small and agile car, constructed to conform to the latest Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) homologation specifications, had raised the performance bar for the rapidly expanding FIA Super 2000 rally series. Construction of the car was the result of an agreement signed between PROTON and MEM to collaborate in the development and production of a World Super 2000 Rally Car to meet all technical specifications set by the governing body for world motorsports, the FIA.

    PROTON’s participation in Hari Peneroka 2009 is its second outreach programme after the inaugural “Karnival PROTON Bersama Rakyat” held in Jeli, Kelantan last month. The outreach programme is a series of road shows conducted in a carnival-like atmosphere targeted at rural, outskirt areas. Dato’ Mohd. Nadzmi said that “the programme is PROTON’s new initiative to reach out to our customers, current and potential, in rural areas as opposed to merely receiving them to our showrooms in towns and cities.”

    “The outreach programme is also an opportunity for PROTON to share with the people our pride in the many feats and progress we have achieved in the development of local automotive technology,” he added.

    PROTON has included an interactive display by its Research & Development division. Apart from giving valuable exposure to residents of the settlement, PROTON also aims to inspire and encourage the youngsters to be involved in the world of automotive engineering.

    In relation to this, PROTON has also brought along its Human Resource division to the exhibition site to provide information on the various job opportunities and career prospects in PROTON. There will also be open interview sessions to fill in vacancies as plant operators, while interested graduates may also submit their resumes for further evaluation and placement.

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    5 Responses

    1. liquid says:

      pehhh menarik gak tgk exora manual nie…..

    2. kej@m says:

      tu satria neo super 2000 rally car punye cite xde ker…
      nama dh menarik dh tu…

    3. azhari othman says:

      Memang nak sambor Exora manual ni…. tapi H-Line tak de ke?????
      M-Line tak de seat kulit dan LCD. Kalau tambah kemudian boleh ke?

    4. stylooo...drifterrrrr says:

      nak tambah kemudian…bolehh aje….yg pasti kena ada pulus nyerrrrrrrrrr…..bodykit pun dah keluar skrg….

    5. Abg nizam says:

      Hemmm.. Baguslah Proton keluarkan Exora Manual ni, dah ramai yang tunggu lama .. bukannya apa, bawak model manual ni rasanya lebih seronok dari Auto.. (bagi yang mudalah) cuma kalau city driving manual ni penat sikit.. tapi kalau jalan kampung memang best gila..

      Apapun.. Syabas Proton.

      Proton Is The Best…..

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