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    Featured here today is the Proton Satria Neo S2000 concept car R3 bodykit and the specification of satria neo s2000 rally car with engine spec from R3.

    The 1.8 litre engine was further developed by MEM’s engineers to produce a reliable 278bhp @ 7600rpm with a usable power band from 5,500 to 8,500 rpm.


    The results, a finely tuned 2 litre engine that is paired with the best 6-speed sequential 4WD Super 2000 transmission available. Its innovative fuel system comprises a quick-change fuel control cassette, attached to the MEM-designed FIA FT3 safety fuel cell to aid rapid maintenance. 


    The latest technology is used in the electrical systems with a state-of-the-art Multiplexed wiring system, capable of managing the entire car’s electronics from a central unit. This achieves not only weight-saving solution, but it simplifies the operation by automatically resetting circuit breakers. 


    The S2000 does not only reflect well-proven technical advances and novel design, but also has simplicity where appropriate that ensures the best possible combination of performance and reliability.



    The existing Satria Neo body shell is extensively modified to accept its components including the 4-Wheel Drive system. It is then strengthened considerably to comply with FIA regulations by fitting a safety roll cage using 35 metres of Chromoly Steel Tube. 

    Based on the Proton Waja 1.8 engine, the engine is enhanced with racing internals and increase of capacity to 1998cc. It is positioned transversely, producing a power output of 278bhp at 7600 rpm. 

    Four-Wheel Drive system specifically developed by Xtrac for S2000, using a 6-speed sequential gearbox with 3-plated limited slip differentials and handbrake release system. 

    Alcon 4 pistons callipers front and rear. Its front discs are 250mm for tarmac version and 300mm for gravel version. The rear discs for are identical for both specifications. 

    The S2000 features a GEMS Integral engine ECU and power management system with data logging and glass dash display. 

    MacPherson strut and wishbone design using Dynamics dampers. Anti Roll bars front and rear. 

    8 X 8 inch alloy wheels for tarmac and 6 X 15 inch alloy wheels for gravel (version). 

    1150kg for tarmac version and 1200kg for gravel version. 

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