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    The world have seen a lot of potential with Proton’s designed car and Cusco also one of the company other than MEM which able to see the potential. So, for this time, Cusco has chosen the Proton Satria Neo as the model that they are going to sell and to be used in Junior Rally Championship in Japan and Asia Pacific.Cusco will buy the bodyshell and then equipped it with all Cusco performance parts to FIA Group N Spec.Read the full news from Motortrader below.


    A Japanese company will be offering Proton cars for sale in Japan soon and this will be the first time the company’s products are in that market. The car which will be give exposure to the Proton brand will be the Satria Neo but it won’t be the standard model you know. Instead, it will be a specially-developed version for those who require a rallycar in Japan.

    The news, announced by renowned Japanese automotive parts manufacturer Carrosser Co. Ltd. (CUSCO) at the Tokyo Auto Salon this afternoon, explains that the CUSCO-engineered Satria Neo will be developed as a FIA Group N rallycar for those who wish to compete in the Junior Rally Championships in Japan and the Asia-Pacific.

    The Group N Satria Neo will be based on stock standard road-legal 1600 cc showroom models purchased from the Proton factory by CUSCO. The Japanese company will undertake to have the rallycar homologated according to FIA regulations, thereby making it eligible to compete in any FIA-sanctioned event. It will be fitted with CUSCO-developed aftermarket performance and race components.

    CUSCO has gained a reputation for its aftermarket performance parts (especially high-performance suspension components) for both the Japanese and international tuning markets and is the only independent firm in Japan to compete in all categories of the All-Japan Championships (track racing, rallying, dirt trials and gymkhana).

    CUSCO’s interest in the Proton model was a direct result of the performance and potential the Satria Neo S2000 rallycar demonstrated in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship and Intercontinental Rally Challenge. They were obviously impressed by what they saw and decided to develop the car further for competition.
    Proton’s Motorsports division also displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon a concept R3 Satria Neo which gave Japanese car enthusiasts a glimpse into the potential of the three-door hatchback. The Satria Neo R3 concept car features R3’s distinct body styling, enhanced engine performance, braking, handling and an upgraded interior.

    The Tokyo Auto Salon is the world’s largest auto exhibition and will showcase more than 600 vehicles and 300 companies – after-market parts manufacturers, tuners, custom shops, car manufacturers, automotive businesses, associations and automotive vocational schools.

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