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    Proton Persona Named Best Model Of The Year

    Proton Holdings Bhd’s Persona was named as Malaysia’s “Best Model of the Year” at the Frost & Sullivan Asean Automotive Awards 2008, Thursday evening.

    Its partner and head of the automotive and transportation practice, Asia Pacific, Kavan Mukhtyar said the achievement was more commendable given the fact that Persona marked a turning point for Proton, which resulted in improved brand image.

    It has also enhanced public trust and confidence towards Proton, Mukhtyar said at the award presentation, here yesterday. Also present were Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan.

    proton persona

    In a separate statement, Proton said Persona, which was launched in August last year, is the fifth model fully built by the company and has become a best seller.

    Proton’s chairman, Datuk Mohammed Azlan Hashim said the latest acknowledgement was a significant recognition for a car which over 45,000 Malaysian have endorsed as their car of choice.

    Mohammed Azlan said it is also an affirmation of Proton’s commitment to produce quality, value-for-money cars that meet market needs.

    Mukhtyar said the Best Value-for-Money category was introduced to recognise the car model with the lowest cost ownership amidst rising oil prices worldwide.


    persona image

    Proton Persona Price

    1.6AT H-LINE
    OTR – RM 55,800.00

    1.6MT M-LINE
    OTR – RM 49,800.00
    1.6AT M-LINE
    OTR – RM 52,800.00

    OTR 45,350.00
    OTR – 48,350.00
    OTR RM 45,800.00
    OTR – RM 48,300.00

    Now the new persona is equiped with IAFM and the price might be slightly differ from the above price.

    Proton Persona IAFM Hi-Line = RM 56,350.00

    Proton Persona IAFM Med-Line = RM 49,850.00

    Proton Persona IAFM B-Line = RM 45,499.00

    modified proton persona

    Modified Proton Persona

    Above picture shows the modifed version of proton persona with new tail lamp and different sport rims. The tail lamp of this proton persona equiped with high intensity LED and it is absolutely gorgeous!

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