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    Proton Holdings Bhd new chairman Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh talks to ELAINE ANG about his role in the company WHAT are the urgent issues that you will be addressing at Proton? I will look at the corporate structure of Proton – is the current structure the best to enable it to perform well. Proton has operations in many countries. Are they run well and does management need to take any drastic decisions? Other issues include the right manpower, emphasis on Proton’s model line-up today and if we can expand in existing and new markets with the existing model line-up. Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh What improvements can we look forward to at Proton? I subscribe to the Kaizen culture, that is, continuous improvement. The improvements can be done in two time-frames – the point of entry (static) and over a period (dynamic). When I go in, I must know the true situation of the company and where it is heading. Then, we will assess and prepare the performance targets accordingly. There will be gaps between the targets and the actual results; you cannot be expected to meet the targets right away. What is more important is that the gaps are closed continuously. Once the gap has been filled, we need to set new targets and meet them. What is your stand on Proton getting a strategic partner? It is up to the shareholders. What management has to do is to manage the company better to improve its value for whatever the decision that may be taken later. If we want to retain Proton’s identity as a car manufacturer, then model collaboration makes sense. If it is seen as a problem child, then they may want to let go. I am a bit sentimental as I was part of the national car project team. We started as a car manufacturer. There must be a balance between the pride of being able to produce a car and commercial viability. How do you plan for Proton to brace itself for the current economic slowdown? We must be prepared for bad times – we are not insulated from external factors. I have to look at the revenue and cost side of the business. We need to be more cost effective so that the cost of doing business is reduced. That is the key. On the revenue side, we need to look at how to sell more cars in existing and new markets. This will enable us to cushion the economic impact; even if we lose money we will not lose so much that we need to ask the Government to bail us out. What is your vision for Proton in the next five years? I want Proton to have a very strong presence in the domestic market. As a car manufacturer in a national economy you must dominate that economy. I am not satisfied with even a 29% market share. We can’t expect a 75% share like when I was managing director but the ideal is 50%. To improve market share we must look at the requirements of the market. We can’t compromise on quality and must have a shorter replacement cycle as replacement buyers comprise some 80% of total buyers. I also want to look at non-traditional markets overseas as areas for Proton to expand to. When I was managing director, we were exporting 38,000 cars. Now we are also exporting less than 50,000. This is where we are not moving forward.

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