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    Proton is currently not in a good shape and in need of a foreign partner. Read the full story from Bernama below.



    KUALA LUMPUR, J — The government is still open to the idea of a strategic foreign partner for Proton Holdings Bhd but it has to be on the right terms and conditions, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    “I don’t think Proton can manage without one (foreign partner) but it has to be the right one. The terms and conditions must be fair to us as well,” he said.

    “So, moving forward, a restructuring of the national carmaker is necessary in terms of having a strong and appropriate foreign partner,” Najib said in a 30-minute interview with Adam Bakhtiar of CNBC, which was aired Friday.

    He said even the vendor system has allowed proliferation of too many companies and they are not competitive or of higher quality.

    Asked if the National Automotive Policy and Bumiputera equity participation in the vendor system will be liberalised further, Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, said: “We certainly want to upgrade the quality.”

    The companies should go for consolidation to strengthen their performance, he said.

    Najib said that auto tariffs would also need to be reviewed from time to time.

    “But we have to look into Proton’s position as well. A stronger Proton certainly will be able to compete within Asean even if the tariffs are reduced,” he said.

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    4 Responses

    1. haro says:

      dulu time persona kuar, cakap x perlu foriegn partner

      merepek ttg national pride

      british mg rover sekrg dah jd milik china—>sebab national pride la company x competitive

      GM plak dah tutup kedai sebab berfikiran seperti proton:

      rakyat pasti beli keta nasional
      tak dengar komplen2 dari pegguna

      abiskan duit rakyat dengan JV yang tak menguntungkan
      bos R3 division plak sibuk abiskan duit berlumba drift

    2. Joko says:

      Selagi top-top people diterajui oleh org2 yg politikus, selagi itulah Proton dok tang tu jugak, macam FAM gak lah..

    3. stylooo...drifterrrrr says:

      biasa lah tu…………1 MALAYSIA…….kita hanya rakyat marhaen……

    4. anuar says:

      selalu sangat kencing pembeli…last2 kena kencing dgn syarikat jv dr China.20 thn lg Proton akn jadi sykt besi buruk saja jika tiada tindakan yg betul diambil.

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