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    The highly anticipated First local MPV, the Proton Exora is about to be launched in less than a month. Read the full news from Business Times

    Proton Exora launch set for April 15

    Proton exora rear bonnet

    Proton Holdings Bhd’s (5304) maiden multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the Exora, is scheduled to be launched on April 15, some buyers who had test-driven the MPV disclosed.

    A top convention centre in the heart of Kuala Lumpur will be the launch pad, they added.

    They said the on-the-road price of the 1.6-litre Exora, excluding insurance, will be not more than RM77,000.

    “Two versions are available, with the entry-level unit selling at about RM72,000,” one of them said.

    “If you add another RM4,000, you will get the high-line unit with extra features including leather seats and a navigational system with DVD-playing capability,” he added.
    Company officials, meanwhile, said orders for some 1,500 units of the 1.6-litre MPV were already secured since unofficial sales kicked off on February 21.

    “The Exora is value for money. It is good-looking, spacious and cramped with attractive features,” said Saaidan Lateh.

    Saaidan, a father of four and drives a Proton Waja, was one of the first few members of the public to have taken the Exora for a short spin at the Proton test track last month.

    They were selected among those who had made early orders for the MPV by placing a RM1,000 booking fee.

    Saaidan said he was most impressed with the Exora’s ample and comfortable seating space for seven people as well as its high-performing but quiet Campro CPS engine.

    As a lady driver and a mother of several children, Noraseidah Mokhtar liked the Exora’s safety features particularly the innovative door lock system.

    “You can unlock the driver’s door without unlocking any other door. This helps when you don’t want any stranger to hop into the car via any of the passenger doors.

    Noraseidah also liked the Exora’s ability to continue to “brighten up”, albeit for a brief moment, after the key is taken out.

    “Even when the engine or lights have been switched off, the car can continue to light up for some time. This is enough to let me get inside my house at night before everything turns dark again,” she explained.

    Another buyer who was also impressed with the Exora’s performance, design, features and price is T.K. How.

    How, owner of a Puchong-based fabricating company, is buying a unit for his wife.

    “I’ve been using and changing six Proton cars all these years. I don’t find much problems with the cars.

    “I originally wanted to buy a Proton Satria Neo CPS for my wife, who likes driving fast. But to curb her interest for her own good, I decided to get her an Exora,” he said.

    “She doesn’t know that I’m buying her the car. If she doesn’t like it, I may have to buy her the Neo CPS,” How said.

    Update : Please refer full specification of Proton Exora MPV here

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    6 Responses

    1. rkyt msia says:

      rm70,+++….hmmmm…………..well , a lil bit expensive to me…………………………i rather buy other mpv laaa……if proton sell rm 60+++,surely i buy…there’s no need 2 compete wif other imported mpv la (the price)….sell cheap 2 the RAKYAT sendiri maa…..other countries….proton can sell with a higher price!!!hahahah…by the way, the interior, i give thump’s up…congratulation to Proton for the new model…i like it…but not the price…..please help your rakyat la, to have a brand new car………..if proton want their own rakyat to drive their new model,,,,,,,sell cheap……

    2. du says:

      hows the quality? its too early to say anything yet..we must let it roam into malaysia street firt & see what the 1st batch owner want to tell us…

    3. NiCE CaR.wHY So ChEAp?

    4. Norman says:

      Agreed should lowered it to 66K as it’s only 1.6,I dun mind paying 75K if it;s 1.8.Anyway nice Compact MPV by Proton

    5. rambo69 says:

      This 1.6 so heave maa…no pickup power, i pandu persona 1.6 also no power…this one i also nont know..what the problem…see howlah…u want buy i by..by l;ah haaaa…by the way feel your drive lah…

    6. bugzy says:

      i also quite impressed initially but prefer at least 1.8. end up 1.6 gonna be really makan minyak i think! used to drive a wira 1.5 and the fuel consumtion was scareeee!
      proton MUST improve on service and fuel consumption !
      gonna look at recon toyota wish soon. might have no choice but pay more:(

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