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    Perodua MPV is coming into production very soon and Perodua is lack of employee to cope up with the cope up with the unexpected demand for Perodua cars.Read the full news from Bernama below.


    Perodua Factory

    KUALA LUMPUR, — Perodua is offering 400 jobs at its Rawang plant for the production of its new multi purpose vehicle (MPV) and to cope with unexpected demand for its car.

    However, managing director, Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar, said Malaysians seemed “under-employed” as it was quite hard to get that number of workers at this point in time.

    He said Perodua’s production has increased by 20 to 30 percent since last month.

    Hafiz said with the new MPV coming out in November, “how to find and train them (400 workers) within one month?”.

    Currently, the plant has some 8,000 workers.

    Hafiz said this on the sidelines of the ceremony between Permintex Group, a major supplier of car parts in Malaysia and Furukawa Group of Japan, one of the biggest wire harness manufacturers in Japan, to sign a joint venture agreement.

    Hafiz said based on July sales, Perodua has revised its target for this year to 162,000 units, the second highest this year despite slower economic growth.

    Perodua, which revised the target in March this year, expected to sell 158,000 cars this year from 148,000 target it made in December last year.

    “We recorded a big jump in sales since June. We are catching up for Hari Raya bookings and new MPV launches in November,” he said.

    Last month, he said, Perodua produced 19,000 cars compared with 13,000 in March.

    Last year’s sales of 167,000 units were the highest Perodua ever recorded.

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    1. apa2 ajer says:

      semua tread ang promo bisnes lingkup orang ramai. saya secara peribadi tak nak percaya benda2 bodoh tu

    2. norman says:

      Ape kata kaki kete yang takde keje join Perodua ni,At least boleh tambah lagi ilmu pemasangan kete ni..

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