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    Familliar isnt it? No it is not the Perodua Myvi, it is not the Toyota Passo and not even a Daihatsu Sirion.It is actually the Subaru Justy which is actually a rebadge of the models i mentioned earlier.Without even realizing the existence of the Justy, now subaru had brought out a twincam special edition of the model.


    Subaru Justy Special edition

     Special Edition Twincam Subaru Justy

    The standard Justy 1.0 R is already extremely well equipped with air conditioning; ABS with EBD; driver, passenger, front side and curtain airbags; radio/CD player with AUX input; four electric windows and remote central-locking, and is priced at a remarkable £9,305. A further enhancement available on both the Justy 1.0 R and Justy 1.0 Twin Cam is a stylish alloy wheel package comprising 15″ Monza R wheels 
    with Toyo 185/55R15 tyres

    The special editon only comes in two colour, Black Mika And Shining Red. Only 100 units of the special editions will be produced, 50 for each of the colour available. The additonal accesory includes rear roof spoiler; twin exhaust system; over roof ‘viper stripes’ and side decals; leather and alloy gear knob and rear privacy glass – creating the perfect blend of inexpensive, economical motoring ina desirable, sporty package.


    justy front

    Standard Subaru Justy

    subaru justy interior

    Subaru Justy Interior

    The fuel consumption of the Subaru Justy is 64.2 miles per gallon (mpg) on an Extra Urban Cycle.The carbon dioxide is maintain at the lowest figures

    The new Subaru Justy 1.0 Twin Cam now offers even more, and offers a racy alternative for the younger, and the young-at-heart, motorist.And it is priced starting from £9,995, for the Special Edition Twin Cam which is actually a bargain sinceit is only  £690 more than the standard version despite the overall cost of accesories worth £1,100

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    11 Responses

    1. Enigma4646 says:

      Syabas Perodua …..Now MYVI owner leh tukat emblem SUBARU wooooo

    2. iz says:

      Tul2…selain Passo..&…Sirion…Subaru Justy pun boleh..byk da pilihan.

    3. jemboo says:

      berapa banyak klon daaaaaa ini kereta

    4. kutusopan says:

      Waaa…nak convert myvi aku jadi subaru justy ar pas ni!

    5. Joko says:

      Dengkilah Subaru ni… asal M’sia keluarkan model baru jer ada aje yg tiru,
      Nasib baik ada beza sikit..Sebab Subaru stering dia kat belah Kiri.. hee hee hee

    6. Comment says:

      Sape yg mula2 design keta ni ya? Lepas tu diaorg tukar design ke..agak2 keta apa lagi yang akan ikut jejak camni..

    7. Lily says:

      sape yg tiru sape?

    8. apisZ says:

      Hakhak myvi celup,daihatsu boon celup, justy pon celup. Yg ori mestilah toyota passo..

    9. zamgombak says:

      sesapa bole tulong tak bagitau alamat kedai paling best pasang body sticker..? kat sekitar KL… huhuuu (^_^)

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