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    The high interest rate of national car had arise a lot of complaints from consumer all over the country. With the current economy situation, the effect of high interest can be troublesome to the middle and lower income group.The National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) is trying to lower the interest rate of national car.Read the full story from Bernama below.


    Local Interest Rate

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 — The National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) wants the Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM) to bring down the interest rate for national cars.

    In a statement here today, NUBE said the ABM could by all means increase the interest rate on luxury cars.

    NUBE was commenting on ABM’s statement recently that any changes in the interest rate structure for car loans would be premised on the objectives of ensuring the sustainability and viability of hire purchase (HP) business.

    ABM had said considerations were being given to streamlining the interest rates between the new non-national cars, new national cars and used cars and rationalising the rates for the new non-national cars and used cars.

    NUBE general secretary, J. Solomon, said balancing funding costs and lending rates has always been a challenge for banks and not just now.

    “Given the current economic climate and the uncertainties globally and in the best interest of financiers and the purchase of vehicles in the country, the ABM should lower the interest rates of national cars.

    “The national car is the preferred purchase by the middle and lower income groups and the lowering of HP interest rates is necessary to boost the economy,” he said.

    He said any increase in the interest rate on HP would not contribute to stabilising and sustaining the economy.

    “It may rather increase the non-performing loans and the adverse spillover effects will not help whatever attempt the government is doing to help the needy,” he said.

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    3 Responses

    1. Anon says:

      wow.. good news ni.. so azameel, interest rate national car skrg (3.65% – 3.75%) akan turun lagi kah? ataupun 3.65% tu rate selepas diturunkan?

    2. arie othman says:

      Harapan saya interest rate bagi kereta nasional ialah antara lingkungan 2.75 hingga 3.0 dan kereta bukan nasional interestnya ialah 2.0
      hingga 2.75. Bezanya tidaklah terlalu ketara seperti yang berlaku sekarang ini. ( cth kereta luar 2.4 dan kereta buatan Malaysia 3.75 bezanya ialah 1.35 ) Contohi negara Jepun atau Korea, mereka sungguh support industri kereta mereka. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia saya menyokong industri automotif negara dan bakal membeli kereta Proton atau Perodua MPV tahun ini. Harap institusi perbankan menilai perkara ini. Semua pihak harus berganding bahu.
      Siapa boleh tolong jawab soalan saya ni? Mengapa Proton Exora tidak termasuk dalam program Proton Xchange? Kalau tak silap saya, dasar pelupusan kenderaan yang umurnya lebih dan mendapat rebate RM 5000 untuk membeli kereta baru adalah peruntukkan kerajaan untuk menggalakkan prestasi jualan kereta nasional. Kalau silap tolong betulkan………………..

    3. cybersans says:

      if kia can give 0% interest (which monthly instalment is actual car price (and of course bank still got profit)), then why shouldn’t they do the same thing to local cars?

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