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    For MINI 50th anniversary, they had released an official set of photos for the Mini Cooper Coupe Concept. The Coupe Concept is set for its debut at the Frankfurt motorshow in September.Before the car makes it official world premier. We’ll provide you with some photos and details on the car.


    The Coupe Concept is a mix of previous MINI models, with a twist of originality. The front side panels are sourced from the MINI Convertible, while the body joint is inspired by the MINI Cooper S. On the other side, the new positioning of the A-pillars makes up for a brand new roof line.


    Inside, the Coupe features two individual front seats and an open rear compartment which accommodates 250 liters (8.8 cu ft) of luggage. The cabin is outfitted with leather upholstery, carbon fiber trim, and two Chronoswiss clocks (one is a traditional clock, while the other is a dedicated lap timer).


    The two seater is motivated by the MINI John Cooper Work’s 1.6-litre twin-scroll turbocharged engine that cranks out 211 horsepower and a peak torque of 260Nm (192 lb-ft) increasing through the Overboost function for a short while to 280Nm (206 lb-ft). Like the MINI hatch, power is delivered to the front wheels.


    As MINI said, the Coupe Concept is a preview of what is to come from the British manufacturer in its second half-century of existence. Today, August 26, marks 50 years since the first MINI came into the public eye.

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    8 Responses

    1. apisZ says:

      Xda byk beza p0n ngan mini cooper s? Cume rooftop diubah,seat blakang da jd tmpt ltk barang.

    2. tak cun ah..

      dan mini masih mengekalkan meter BAPAK! besar tu kat tengah dashboard..

    3. apa2 ajer says:

      memang menawan la.. kalau ada diskaun 70% aku nak jugak 1.. memang gabungan moden + lama.. terserlah kesenian mini cooper

    4. apa2 ajer says:

      tp enjin 1.6 turbo dia memang power.. tork ngan hp tinggi ooooo

    5. Norman says:

      Trend kete europe skrg.Mcm Alfa Romeo 1.4 mito.Hp 155 tork 215nm..Proton bakal kuarkan enjin Campro turbo 155hp/240nm dah tak payah beli 1.8

    6. apa2 ajer says:

      kalau betul bukan jer tak payah beli 1.8 tapi tak payah beli 2.0 punya kereta. Proton Exora maybe follow Citreon Picasso kot. tapi silap strategi sikit. Patutnya bila dah siap enjin Turbo baru kuarkan Proton Exora. konpem laris cam goreng pisang

    7. apisZ says:

      Nothing can beat rx7 fc rotary engine. Standard naturally aspirated 1.3 litre, 3 rotor without turbo produced 160hp.. Fastest 1.3 ever build.

    8. ras says:

      saya kagum,teruja…..giler,kalau ada duit memang sy angkat satu beb..

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