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    If your life is on the go for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, The Mazda 6 maybe the perfect companion for you.The Mazda6 is styled to look elegant and refined in every setting. It can be you daily workhorse and the same car to bring you kids for a weekend trip down the beach.


    Dynamic. Athletic. Elegant. That’s the all-new Mazda6. Styled to bring a mature, refined sports sensibility to any situation ? from the urban business scene to long distance highway travel. No matter where your life takes you, Mazda6 brings you the full enjoyment of Mazda’s trademark Zoom-Zoom driving ? driving that speaks directly to your emotions, giving you an immediate bond with the car.


    It doesnt matter it is morning or night, the Mazda6 interior will welcome you. With the sporty cockpit, you’ll feel fresh and spirited at any time of the day.The dashboard curves away from the occupant to gives more breathing space.The driving position is refined by measures such as setting the gear shift lever and steering wheel angle to give the driver easier maneuverability for a better sense of oneness with Mazda6.


    Despite the sportiness feeling, the Mazda6 still offer a spacious cabin with plenty of leg, shoulder and head room for all. The wheelbase itself is longer by 20mm than the previous model.The interior were made with sophisticated materials and controlled glosiness adding to the air of craftsmanship, along with the micro-fine accuracy of parts fitment. If travelling is your thing, dont worry. The 700mm wide luggage space means putting in and taking out your luggage would be a breeze.


    It doesnt matter whether it is a journey back hometown or just trip to your local city mall, the Mazda6 engine will give you a driving experience you’ll never forget.The engine mated with 5-speed Activematic transmissions delivers the scintillating acceleration and response at all engine speeds that make every drive enjoyable and special. The steering system offers linear, precise handling at any speed so you always feel perfectly in control, while electric power assist steering provides variable assistance.


    The aerodynamics engineered by Mazda engineer will offer a greater feeling of control.Combined with a high-mount double-wishbone suspension at the front and E-type multilink suspension at the rear, the car will literally stick like a glue in every corner yet allowing childrens to sleep in total comfort without any disturbance.


    MAZDA6 SPECIFICATION (click to enlarge)

    To keep your peace of mind, a pair of ventilated disc brake can be found at the front while a solid disc brake were installed at the rear.The hardware is controlled by the sophisticated antilock brake system (ABS) and brake assist.The adaptive front lighting system (AFS) with Bi-Xenon headlamps is a new feature added to Mazda6’s.


    (click to enlarge)

    If you are interested in owning the Mazda 6, head on to your nearest Mazda dealer for a test drive. The 2.o liter 5 seater sedan (GBT7 RAH) price starts at RM143,933 and the 2.5 liter 5 seater sedan (GS3F RAC) will set you back .RM173,677, both without insurance.


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    9 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      layan jugak kereta ni.. harga pun ok banding camry, accord..nampak mewah dan elegant.. ada sikit2 cam lexus. dalam pun menarik. after sales service mazda ok x? sparepart murah ke mahal ke?

    2. iz says:

      Tu dia..owner Mazda da buat post pasal Mazda..hehe..smart gak Mazda 6 ni Mel..hehe

    3. apa2 ajer says:

      ooo.. owner mazda

    4. Joko says:

      Mak aih, dia punya airbag keliling kepala tuh, sampai tepi telinga pun ada.. dahsyat..
      Tapi seat penumpang belakang tuh (berdasarkan gambor ajer) poket nyer sikit ajer. Kalau lembut okeylah, tapi kalau keras kejung, kurang lah selesa skit.

    5. tres says:

      bagak gile….kereta mazda ni mmg best…drpd dulu smpi sekarang mmg terbukti reliability at highest level..

      tapi ongkos nye mmg tinggi dong..boleh bikin saku rabak…hehe.

    6. apa2 ajer says:

      apapun memang mengancam lor

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