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    The new Mazda3 sport had been launched by Bermaz Motor, the distributor of Mazda car in Malaysia.Datuk Ben Yeoh, Bermaz Motor’s Executive Director said that they were aim to sell 300 units in this 12 month.Can he Mazda3 Sport make it? Let take a look at the specification of the sport hatchback.


    The Mazda3 sport really reminds me of the Mazda Furai. It can be said that the car got inspired by Mazda Furai. Especially the front-fascia.The bumper, fog lights and the headlight does look a lot like the Mazda Furai. And the contoured lines and curve is not meant for cosmetic purposes only. They do improve the car aerodynamics.


    The Mazda3 sport is available in two engine option. The MZR 1.6 liters engine which combines power withe new levels of fuel economy and cleanliness. And for those in need of adrenaline rush, there is another option. A MZR 2.0 liter engineĀ  which gives out powerful torque, linear response and lively acceleration.The 1.6 liter engine will be coupled to a 4 speed activematic transmission while the 2 liter option will get a 5 speed activematic drivetrain.


    The quality, fit and finishing is not compromised either.Every design detail aims to heighten the sporty and sophisticated image and to offer maximized efficiency, convenience and ease of use.The roomy feeling in the cabin is enhanced further by the sleek design of the dashboard which is spacious enough withhout distrupting the driver and passenger legroom.


    Whether enjoying your favourite music, engaging in pleasant conversation with passengers, or wanting to confidently focus on a sporty drive, Mazda3 strikes just the right balance between a sporty engine note and a quieter, more pleasant cabin environment. Audio comes from a six speaker audio system which delivers high quality sounds and features a convenience AUX jack.


    If traveling outstation is your thing, the mazda3 can’t care less for you. Six cup or bottle holder can be found all over the cabin space. An armrest for the driver is snuck tight between the driver and the passenger seat to ensure the driver gets a proper hand rest during long journeys. Too much baggage for the whole family? Just fit it all in the roomy luggage space which can had an outstanding capacity to readily accommodate large bags.


    Whether you are driving back to your hometown or just a drive to tour groceries shops, safety is never compromised. The Bi-Xenon headlights will shine even the smallest detail found on the road.All four wheels is equipped witha ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution to ensure maximum control of the car during emergency situations.And if the car does loss control, there is 6 airbags to protect you from frontal and side collision.

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    12 Responses

    1. kdi says:

      Tu dia.. bile owner kereta mazda cakap pasal model mazda.. berapi2.. hu2.. anyway, mazda has the best handling technology compare to other car maker. the MZR engine also a great engine. Mazda has move far forward with its rotary engine technology that is very unique and powerfull.

      This mazda2 sport is really a great and probably the best choice for the price of RM108,000 for the 1.6 model and RM128,000 for the 2.0 model. Looks sporty, nice driving experience & worth for your money.

    2. iz says:

      Betul tu kdi….hehe..berapi2 azameel…almaklum la..Mazda fan..hehe

    3. acap says:

      Wow, you guyz love Mazda, thats great. But i like Honda, especially new Honda CRV…… :)

    4. azameel says:

      haha..tpi mazda baru2 tade yg best2 sgtla..utk keta town okla la cam mazda3 ngan mazda6..tpi legacy rx7 dh tade, rx8 tuh pon cun je lebih tpi hampeh haha…
      kalo dpt mazda furai ok la kot..haha

    5. encikZoom says:

      i dah try test drive mazda 3 1.6. sedap gila.interior cantik…..punya bnyk button mcm pilot (blum 2.0 lagi tu) hrga x sangka lebih murah drp altis or honda civic(hidangan mazda dr segi spec n accesories) . SA mula dah tel tiap2 hari tanya bila mau angkat!

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