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    EDO Competition Lamborghini Murcielago LP 710

    Limited edition LP 710 Audigier

    Matte Black, that is the coour to go when you have a super expensive car. Without noticing, the choice of matte black can be seen all around us, same goes to the Limited edition LP 710 Audigier.Together with the matte black paintjob is an amazing silver/yellow skull airbrush job to spice things up.The LP 710 was built based on the LP 640 platform and houses a 6.5 v12 engine.

    LP 710 Audigier Engine

    The 6.5 liter v12 engine churns out a wealthy 710 hp and a massive 700Nm of torque.The car does 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds, reaches 124mph in just under 10 seconds and touts a top speed of the 223.7mph (360km/h). The increase in power was achieved through the use of new exhaust headers, new high flow catalytic converters, new mufflers, a new exhaust tip, new performance camshafts, modified cylinder heads and new high flow air filters.

    LP 710 Audigier Side

    The LP 710 is equipped with a set of 19 inch light alloy wheels wrapped with high speed continental tires:225/35 ZR 19 Continental V-max in the front and 325/30 ZR 19 Continental V-max in the rear.

    LP 710 Audigier Steering

    High performance exhaust system
    A marvelous sound emanates from the edo competition stainless steel high performance exhaust system which includes a new exhaust tip. A new butterfly-valve control system – remote-controlled on request – is available, too. The
    more aggressive rear view is a great side-effect.

    LP 710 Audigier Rear

    Drivetrain / clutch
    edo competition has developed a new single disc clutch. Additionally the 4-wheel drive arrangement is turned into a 2-wheel drive setup. The LP 710 /2 is delivered with rear wheel drive. Weight savings of 40 kg (88 lb) and more agile handling are the result of this conversion.

    LP 710 Audigier Seats

    The LP 710 Audigier will not appeal to many of Lamborghini’s buyers, as its tattoo inspired designs are a bit of a stretch for the brand image. But edo will certainly have no problem selling the limited 5 units of the latest designer supercar, despite a base price of more than $690,000. That’ll net you two stock Murcielagos, but no
    flaming skulls. Murcielago Audigier buyers will have the option to select from several of Christian’s designs, ensuring their run-of-5 Lambo Audigier car is truly unique.

    LP 710 Audigier Seats Wheels

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