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    Lexus LFA might be one of the most expensive Japanese car or better called as most expensive supercar.With the Lexus badge on the hood with a touch of Yamaha under the hood, they had produced one hell of a sweet sounding car. For those who dont know, the engine of the LFA was built by Yamaha and they even send the car to Yamaha Music just to tune the exhaust notes.
    Was it all worth it? In terms of the exhaust notes, its a hundred percent yes, in fact Lexus are so proud of the sound the LFA produce they had produce an commercial, named the “Pitch” which was filmed in a specially-designed audio studio with the LFA on a dynamometer. They accelerated the car on the dyno pass the 170 mph and as the exhaust notes gets louder and louder till the champagne glass vibrates to the point of breaking.
    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyTwUwgHhQI 425 344]
    Lexus claimed there were no camera trick or use of Computer Generate Imagery (CGI) for the commercial. The company had to employ a physicist from a leading university to find out which type of champagne glass thah have the same natural frequency as the LFA exhaust notes.

    And if you may recall, Lexus did has some history with champagne glasses in their commercials. In 1989, the company introduced the LS by having a pyramid of glasses stay safely on the hood while the engine was revved. And recently they demonstrated the ls46o parallel parking abillities by having it reverse into a slot between two giant pyramids of champagne glasses.

    And did we mentioned that the dash display is simply awesome?

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