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  • Lessons On Fuel Economy


    Lessons on fuel economy
    by Tan Teong Li

    THE recent fuel price hike has prompted Shell to launch the Shell FuelSave Challenge. Hundreds of drivers in Malaysia were selected to take part in the challenge.
    The goal is to show drivers that they can save fuel by using Shell Super, which is designed to improve fuel economy, as well as following the Shell FuelSave tips.
    A training class in session.
    Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd managing director Datuk Mohzani Wahab said: “The impact of increasing motoring costs on the monthly expenditure is on top of every driver’s mind.

    “We were, however, surprised to learn last year that six in 10 drivers had never checked their fuel consumption.

    “The silver lining was that more than half of those surveyed wanted to learn how to improve their fuel economy. So, we launched the Shell FuelSave to give drivers the tools they needed to learn how to save fuel.”

    For one month, the selected Shell FuelSave drivers were asked not to use Shell petrol. They were asked to drive around as normal, then record their mileage and amount of fuel they had used for the month.

    After which, they were sent to attend a one-day personalised training session at Glenmarie to learn and practise the Shell FuelSave tips from expert driving instructors.

    Every Shell FuelSave driver would be given an in-depth, interactive session where experts would evaluate their current driving style and provide them with personalised feedback, helping them to improve their cars’ fuel economy.

    The day consisted of learning effective driving tips (designed by Shell), applying them on the road and concluding with a Q&A discussion.

    Each session was limited to only 30 drivers to ensure they got the most out of the experience and were able to learn in a comfortable and friendly environment.

    Finally, the drivers were asked to use Shell fuel with fuel economy and practise the Shell FuelSave tips for the next month.

    They had to log their mileage and the amount of fuel used each week for the whole month.

    When the drivers crossed their virtual finishing line after their personal eight-week challenge, the data from the month before the training session would be analysed and compared with the data they recorded for the month after the training session.

    For more information on fuel economy, the Shell FuelSave Challenge and exclusive commentary from the participants, visit shell.com.my/fuelsave .

    Source : sun2surf

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