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    less-maintenance-car ??

    How many cars have you used in your life?. And from all those car, which one gave you the less maintenance and make you feel miss them so much? Let’s share with us the car models and manufacturer. I’m sure this will be some interesting topic to discuss here. We will get more and more info about cars here.Below are some facts about some of the famous car manufacturer in Malaysia.




    For Honda, In Malaysia, Honda already has its own fans.From all of its model, Honda Civic is the model that has many fans.For Honda owners, let’s share with us your opinion.

    With the slogan “The Power of Dreams“, they aim to turn dream into reality. They dream of flying.They dream of creating a robot .They dream of making all cars as ‘green’ as the forest. They dream of how much more fun and exciting life could be.

    Everyone has the power to dream. Their dreams that move them forward, and make the world a better place

    Honda Malaysia rides on its strong slogan ‘The Power of Dreams’. It is a bold statement that signifies the ever-changing and growing needs of the future. A future with better technology along with better value.

    Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a company with a strong commitment to offer the “Highest Customer Satisfaction in Malaysia”.



    For Toyota, Toyota cars enter Malaysia in 1955.IT starts with the very first three units of Toyota Land Cruiser.The first three units of Toyota Land Cruiser imported by North Borneo Trading Co. Ltd (NBT). They was shipped from Japan to Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu), Sabah.

    In 1982, UMW Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and Toyota Motor Corporation form a joint venture company, Sejati Motor, to commence automotive business in Malaysia.Sejati Motor change its name to UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd in 1987.Now they have become as one of the strong brand in Malaysia. So, how about its car? Is it less maintenance for you?.



    The Tan Chong Group was founded by the two brothers, the late Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Yuet Foh and Dato’ Tan Kim Hor in 1957. In the nineteen fifties, Tan Chong Motor managed to get the franchise from Nissan Japan and became the pioneer company to introduce Japanese vehicles to the Malaysian public.

    In the first year, 39 vehicles were sold in Peninsular Malaysia. The initial market response to Japanese products was very negative as Japanese products were considered to be inferior in design and made from cheap raw materials. This response was common as the local market was dominated by British and Continental makes.However, with a strong effort, the brothers managed to penetrate successfully into the local market. By 1970, Nissan had become one of the top selling brands in Malaysia and Singapore.

    Nissan was founding in 1933, Thay have grown to become a worldwide corporation with a diverse range of products – cars, trucks, forklifts, motorboats and even rockets.Nissan treat customer as their Number One Priority.They have learned many things in more than 60 years of doing business.Customer is number One.



    Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Motors passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Malaysia.It was established in Malaysia on 29 January 2005. The company was formed by Mitsubishi Corporation who owns 52% share and EON Berhad who owns 48% share with a paid-up capital of RM60 million.

    Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s mission is to establish the Mitsubishi Motors motto of “Driving pleasure and assured security”. Mitsubishi Motors is known for its simplicity and fortitude of driving performance, handling, safety and durability.



    Originally established in January 1920, Mazda started manufacturing tools in 1929 and soon branched out into production of trucks for commercial use. In the early 1960s, Mazda launched its first passenger car models and began developing rotary engines. Still headquartered in Hiroshima in western Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation today ranks as one of Japan’s leading automakers.

    Mazda has been exporting cars to the United States and Europe for over 40 years. Overseas sales account for more than two thirds of total turnover. Mazda has two main production sites in Japan and 14 overseas facilities. Mazda’s factory at Hiroshima is one of the largest single-site automobile plants in the world, with an annual production capacity of about 480,000 units. The plant located at Hofu has a capacity of nearly 410,000 units. Overseas sites include joint ventures based in the United States, and in Thailand with Ford Motor Company, Mazda’s largest shareholder.



    Our national car manufacturer, PERUSAHAAN OTOMOBIL NASIONAL BERHAD or Proton was incorporated on May 7, 1983 to manufacture, assemble and sell motor vehicles and related products, including accessories, spare parts and other components. Proton produced Malaysia’s first car, the Proton SAGA, commercially launched on July 9, 1985 by Malaysia Prime Minister that time Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad ( now Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad), who had originally conceived the idea of a Malaysian car.

    Its model line up includes the EXORA, PERSONA, WAJA, SATRIA, SATRIA NEO, GEN 2, WIRA, ISWARA, TIARA, SAVVY, ARENA, PERDANA V6, PUTRA and JUARA.The range of 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 litre engines satisfies a wide spectrum of customers both locally and abroad.



    Perodua or Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad is the Malaysia’s second national car manufactuter after Proton.It was established in 1993 and launched their first car, the Perodua Kancil in late 1994.And now Perodua Kancil had become as one of the largest fleet of car in Malaysia. You can see the Perodua Kancil everywhere. Perodua mainly produces small-compact cars and therefore does not actually compete with Proton for the same market niche.

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    5 Responses

    1. Botak smart says:

      Interesting topics.

      Until now, I have the liberty to have the experience of using 6 cars. The first one is a honda civic sedan 3rd gen. (1984). This car is a bit a headache to maintain. My second car is a proton saga megavalve. the 3rd is honda accord 1st model sedan (1982), which is quite hard to maintain also, but the most memorable of the lot. The next one is a proton wira 1.5gli 2002 manual sedan. after that I bought toyota vios for a changed after being fed up of our national car. After using it for 2 years I lastly purchased Nissan sentra 1997 sedan.

      And after having all those cars, the best in maintenance is I think is the proton saga. Cause I dont have any problem with it all. So to list down in terms of least maintenance first is:

      1. Saga 2. Vios ( brand new) 3. Sentra 4. Wira ( brand new) 5. civic 6. accord.

      The list is base on my own experience, sincerely all those cars have their own advantage and disadvantages.

    2. aMaDeO says:

      okay, i’ve owned honda civic 1992 and perodua kancil 2001 and my kancil is surprisingly doesn’t give me any problem at all from the day i bought untill now..!!

    3. diegienismo says:

      i just using 1 car..Sentra Sport QG16, but in my history 3 car already..1Perdana se convert V6. 2 MyV first edittion. so far all not give me any headache but i just to share the feel.

      Perdana i’m enjoy travel for my fiance convocation from KEMASEK to UUM, U-turn tu BUKIT BERUNTUNG then turn back to KEMASEK all smooth.

      MyV erm..if u open the window and speed up around 60km/h more u feel turbulance around your head and for sure feel dizzy, same also for passenger behind. this matter happen vios/wish passenger but more then MyV.

      My NIsmo, i donno y I not lie, it all up to u, everytime i bring my Mak mertua or others friends behind they fall sleep in peace..mybe the bounce more like craddle..

      for maintenace costly on perdana coz i take schand,,all others brand new. all of you must learn basic of your car..then it simply u can reduce the maintenance coz..here also lot of info…learn learn learn..

    4. azwan says:

      Perodua Kancil (first edition square headlamp) is the best.. Less maintenance, only change engine oil..

    5. Ahmad says:

      I vote for my Iswara Aeroback 1.3 for the best car in my life. I have been using for 9 years plus, have already clocked about 370,000 kms easy to maintain and FC is very low. Still in good condition and only done once top overhaul at 320,000 kms. I have Viva 1.0 (my wife) about 1.5 years old, FC good but have to sacrify comfortness. Clocking about 30,000 kms but front absorbers having a problem, like going to kaput. Lucky still under warranty. My new Vios Auto FC seem good but still to early to comment. Service relatively cheap but i would opine this car is overpriced. But prefer Vios for outstation trip. So by overall, Iswara @ 1, Vios @ 2 and …….Viva.

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