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    Nowadays, we can see a lot of vehicles used Xenon lamps that did not meet the required safety standard by our JPJ.Most of them are the modified cars.Today, we want to give some information about Xenon headlights which provided by Nissan.It is a useful information for all of you.



    There have been many complaints received by JPJ in regards to the use of Xenon or High Intensity Discharge Lights headlamps that “blind” and pose danger to other road users.

    Those complaints were believed to have involved the use of Xenon modification kits that did not meet the required safety standards.A Xenon system comprises a Xenon light source, ballast, igniter, reflector and lens.  All these components are designed to work as a system.

    The Xenon system installed on the Nissan vehicles meet the international safety requirements and are ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) type approved which pose no danger to other road users as it had been extensively tested.

    The Nissan models sold in Malaysia which are fitted with Xenon headlamps include Navara 2.5, Latio 1.8Ti, X-Trail 2.5L, and Teana.


    Xenon Headlamp Vs Halogen Headlamp

    Xenon headlamps do not produce more glare than a halogen lamp system.  But a Xenon headlamp system which consumes less power gives up to 70% more light than standard halogen headlight sources.

    The additional light output is most often used to make wider beam patterns with more even light distribution for brighter illumination.


    The blue colour of Xenon lights is not due to the bulb coating but the high voltage arc and discharge of internal gases.

    There are, however, blue-coated halogen bulbs available which “mimic” the Xenon appearance.  These blue-coated halogen bulbs do not provide the same functionality of the Xenon headlamps.



    Halogen Lamp


    Xenon Lamp

    Frequently Asked Questions  – FAQs

    What happen if the authority issued you a summon for the Xenon headlamp used for your Nissan vehicle? Will ETCM be responsible for the summon issued?

    All standard features/specifications installed in Nissan vehicles; for example the Xenon headlamps, alarm system and alloy wheels are Type Approved by Road Transport Department (JPJ).

    The type approval certificate is a very important document as it confirmed that all the standard features equipped in the vehicle are approved by JPJ prior to its installation.

    To the question on Nissan customer being summoned by Police with regards to the Xenon headlamps installation (no cases received so far), customer can use the copies of the type approval certificates as a supporting tool to appeal against the summon issued. The copies of the type approval certificates can be downloaded from Nissan website.

    However, please advise customer that ETCM will only be responsible for all the standard features/specifications installed in the Nissan vehicles. ETCM will bear no responsibility to the safety nor the compliance with the laws and regulations for any other features/equipments (including Xenon headlamps) installed out of Nissan workshops.

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    1. babyboy says:

      pd aku benda ni semua teknologi baru (di m’sia).. so benda2 baru mmg perlu mendapat kelulusan pihak berkuasa..
      kereta waja cps sendiri dah dibekalkan dgn lampu xenon kan.. teknologi yg memang dtg dr pihak kilang selalunya di patenkan dan diuji dgn paling selamat dan kesesuaian.. yg menjadi masalahnye ialah jualan aftermarket yg kebanyakkannye menyakitkan mata je klu selisih dgn dia org..

    2. bantalbusuk says:

      sepatutnya komponen after market pun kene la dapatkan kelulusan yang berkenaan dulu sebelum mula di pasarkan.. so jelas2 la komponen aftermarket takder pengesahan.. then bile sesuatu berlaku kiter claime warranty, buta2 jer pihak yang bg waranty boleh lepas tangan.. bagi alasan itu ini semua kiter yang salah sedangkan barang tak berkualiti..

      agak2 la dalam kes nih saper yang salah..?

      pembeli ditawarkan barang yang baik siap warranty kata penjual..

      barang yang baik tidak ada pun kelulusan pihak berkuasa sebenarnya..

      automatik pemberi warrranty boleh lepas tangan..

      yang menganga pembeli.. yang makin kaya PEMBERI KEBENARAN BARANG DAGANGAN..

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